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Karpathos which is also referred to as Carpathos, is located in Greece. Greece shares crossroads with Europe, Asia and Africa. Greece sits right on top of the Southern tip of Balkan Peninsula, Greece shares land borders with Albania to the Northwest, The Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the North, and Turkey to the Northeast. Karpathos is the second largest Island of the Greek Dodecanese Islands in the Southeastern Aegean Sea.

Karpathos Island
Apella Beach

Transport from Sydney to Karpathos

Plane, Car Ferry, Shuttle, Ferry, Train or Bus:

Fly to Rondos, catch a Car Ferry: 36 hours and 20 minutes - Cost: $1, 050 - $2, 951

Car Ferry

Fly to Athens, catch a Train, and then catch a Car Ferry: 46 hours and 29 minutes - Cost: $647 - $2, 374

Railway Train

Fly to Santorini, catch a Car Ferry: 36 hours and 57 minutes - Cost: $1, 186 - $3 ,116

Qantas Airlines

Fly to Heraklion, catch a Car Ferry: 36 hours and 50 minutes - Cost: $1, 157 - $3, 168


Fly to Karpathos: 29 hours and 2 minutes - Cost: $1, 616 - $4, 116

Virgin Airlines

Fly to Kos, catch a Car Ferry: 37 hours and 8 minutes - Cost: $1, 574 - $4, 052


Fly to Dalaman, Shuttle, Catamaran, Car Ferry: 38 hours and 39 minutes - Cost: $1, 314 - $3, 116

Shuttle Bus

Fly to Antayla, Bus, Ferry, Car Ferry: 41 hours and 8 minutes - Cost: $1, 635 - $3, 949


Alimounda Mare Hotel


Alimounda Mare Hotel:

Alimounda Mare Hotel is a 5 Star Hotel. This Hotel is near the seaside with cool refreshing rooms, dining, a spa and a humongous pool. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea Cove, there is a 13 minute walk from the Nightlife in the Port of Pigadia and from that is a 16 kilometer drive from Karpathos Island National Airport. You have to contact the property to find out how much it will cost, and max guests in a room is 4.

Alimounda Mare Hotel

Sound of the Sea Hotel Apartments:

This Hotel is a 4.7 Star Hotel. For 2 guests per night it is $150, for 3 guests $182 with free WiFi, and for 4 guests $214 with free WiFi as well. This Hotel is marvelous as it is great for sight seeing and getting around the place. There is a 14 minute walk from the Hotel to Kali Limni, a 25 minute drive to Achata Beach and a 8 minute drive to the Chapel of Agia Fotini. And also a 32 minute drive to Karpathos Island National Airport.

Sound of the Sea Hotel Apartments
Kids at the Beach

Child minding

If you want to go on a holiday in Karpathos and have to bring along the kids and want them to be babysat so you can enjoy your holiday, here are a few Hotels that have Daycare in Karpathos:

  • Alimounda Mare Hotel
  • Konstantinos Palace
  • Nereides Hotel
  • Astron Princess Hotel
  • Socrates Studios and Apartments


Things/sightseeing to do in Karpathos:

Achata Beach:

Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Karpathos, this beach is a small, rocky bay with grey pebbles and with crystal-clear, green-coloured water.

Archaeological Museum Karpathos:

This Museum is dedicated to the Island's ancient history and culture, where you can find an interesting collection of artifacts, statues, icons and much more.

Chapel of Agia Fotini:

These ruins are dated back from the 5th and the 6th centuries AD. This ruin use to be a church and still has remains of marble frames, early christian decorations and religious symbols.




This is a warm, toasty pita with freshly shaved pork or chicken with tzatziki (Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and drill sauce), tomato, onion and fried hand-cut potatoes.


Koulouria and Horiatiki:

Koulouria are big bread sticks shaped into circles. In Greek they are loaded with black and white sesame seeds and then they are dipped in coffee or served with salad.

Horiatiki is a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, feta cheese and kalamata olives covered in extra olive oil, red vinegar, and sea-salt.

Koulouria and Horiatiki

Phyllo - Friend Fetta:

This dish is made out of large pieces of fetta cheese in phyllo dough and is then pan fried. It is then decorated with black sesame seeds and honey.

Potidaia Jewellery Store


In the capital of Karpathos there are larger stores that sell a range of foods, fruits and other yummy snacks, you can also find snacks, sun lotions, household objects and many more similar things. Several shops stay open on Sundays on hot days for example supermarkets, souvenir shops, beach bars and some taverns, in smaller markets you can purchase handcrafted items made of cooper, wood etc. You can also buy sunglasses, shirts, hats and dresses at tourist shops, there are also jewellery shops and watches in Pigadia. In the other smaller villages there are souvenir shops that sell postcards, snacks, chewing gum, newspapers, chocolates, drinks, crisps etc.

Shops in Karpathos

Questions and Answers:

Few questions about Karpathos and answers to them:

What is the cheapest way from Sydney to Karpathos:

Take a flight and then catch the Train and then catch a Ferry which costs $650 - $2, 400 which takes 46 hours and 29 minutes.

What is the fastest way from Sydney to Karpathos:

To fly there which costs $1, 600 - $4, 200 and takes 29 hours and 2 minutes.

How far is it from Sydney to Karpathos:

14970 km

What is the time difference between Sydney and Karpathos:

Karpathos is 9 hours behind Sydney.

Karpathos Water's


If you share this website with other people and get them to use it to book their flight to Karpathos and contact 0450 631 312 with proof that you have used it more than twice or shared it with family or friends, then we'll give you a free trip to Karpathos with 2 guests to come along with you!

Lefkos Beach

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