The Good Life Tour of the Harn Experienced By Yours Truly, Regine Coloso

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Audrey Flack's sculpture of Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters was one of the first artworks I encountered at the Harn museum. It was so strikingly beautiful and eye catching to me. Looking at this picture right now does not compare to what it was like seeing it in real life. In real life, you can see the fine details and effort Flack put into her work. I liked how the sculpture was so bright and bold, which made it even more appealing to the eye. It communicated to me how women can be powerful and beautiful in society. I liked the message of the sculpture that we too as women are equal to men.

Design of the Museum

The Asian Art Wing's garden gave me a breath of fresh air from exploring the Harn. Inside the museum it was very quiet as people were observing the various pieces of artwork, but the garden gave me balance to express myself with my friend (as you can see his finger in the picture lol) and have a peaceful connection to nature. I enjoyed the combination of the waterfall and exotic features of the garden as it made me appreciate nature extensively. I took time to absorb the positive vibes and tranquility of the garden.

Art and Core Values

Imogen Cunningham's portrait of Frida Kahlo Rivera appealed to my core value of culture and self-love. Her traditional clothing reminds me of the importance of preserving culture and expressing ourselves. Even though Frida suffered from health problems and disabilities, she did not let that stop her from being a strong and independent woman. When I saw this portrait, it reminded me that I should never look down upon myself and be proud of who I am no matter what.

Art and the Good Life

Marvin Newman's picture of the Roadways Leading to the Brooklyn Bridge with the World Trade Center Towers and Woolworth Building in the Distance conveyed to me how the environment around is constantly changing and how sometimes we need to stop to just appreciate life. Time goes by so fast and we tend to forget that sometimes we need to live in the present. This picture symbolizes life on how we can also evolve and improve ourselves individually and as a whole community. It opened my eyes to the fact that in order to live the good life it does not require for us to only be dependent of ourselves, but working and being in the presence of others can also enhance our lives to its fullest extent.


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