It Is Not Over Heritage Empowered Civil Rights Tour - Knowledge Is The Power

The Civil Rights Movement transformed the political, social, and economic relationship between African American, Latino and Women in the United States. Yet, over the past 30 years we have seen a return of systemic inequalities across all areas of American life.

For children and young adults the systemic behaviors are not as immediately visible as they were in the 60’s. The Civil Rights Tour provides an opportunity for people of all ages and races to remember and to feel what it took to bring about the civil rights we enjoy today and viscerally understand the reason we must fight to retain and expand these rights.

Millenium Civil Rights Tour

Growing every year, we have added two tours to accommodate the demand.

8 days - 7 nights - June 10th - June 17, 2019

5 days - 4 nights June 10th - June 15, 2019

Each tour will be conducted by Dr. Karen McCord, recently retired professor of Psychology, Social Science, and Ethnic Studies at Solano Community College. Dr. McCord has chosen to apply more of her time, experience and passion for sharing knowledge through the Millennium Civil Rights Tours.

She was voted “Teacher of The Year” at Solano College in 2007. In 2012 she received the Martin Luther King, Jr “Living The Dream Award” and also received an Award from AKA Sorority for Community Service. In 2015 she received the Tri Cities NAACP Award for “Excellence in Education”.

Teacher, consultant, author and parent, Dr. McCord has been active in the civil rights movement for decades. 12 years in the field of Human Services as a Social Worker and Counselor has provided a solid foundation for understanding the needs of an under-served community.

Recognizing the need to address existing civil rights issues, Dr. McCord co-authored a Cultural Competency Curriculum for Judges and Juvenile Justice Professionals, seeking to ensure equitable outcomes through the criminal justice system. She is the developer of the Peace Ambassador Program, African American Male Trailblazers Program, Violence Intervention Program (VIP) and several courses at Solano Community College.

Whether it is the repeated police shootings or the ripping of children from immigrant parents or the abuse and pay inequality for women in the workplace, or the ongoing academic divide between minorities and and whites, race is all too often the deciding factor.

The Civil Rights Era is NOW!

The Millennium Civil Rights Tour understands how history, accurately presented, can help to positively define the future for all of America's children and we should not limit our understanding of history to text books and Wikipedia references.

What They Are Saying...

“I have truly been inspired as a mother, helper and human being. Being a part of this experience and in the face of the movement has made history real and will affect me for the rest of my life” LaLa Myrick

““What I liked most about this trip was the museums that we visited. It really helped me to get a better insight to everything and all the events that took place during the Civil Rights Movement” Jazzmyne Vines

“Going on the Civil Rights Travel Tour is very inspirational and provides the average person with a far deeper understanding of the African American race and struggle.” Andrea Cato

We invite parents, grand parents and educators to give children and families an accurate understanding of the people and efforts which represent the ongoing civil rights movement.

Well coordinated travel with civil rights fun and knowledgeable scholars is a way to deliver a personal experience, which can become the foundation for bringing about the changes they want to see today

One person can spark a revolution

Students of social justice, psychology and other disciplines will all learn a great deal from the experience on this tour. You will make new friends some of which may be life-long. You will never forget the people you meet, places you will have been and the knowledge Dr. McCord and team will share with you in this exciting week of Civil rights education.

Experience multiple HBCU's

We will visit many HBCU campuses along the tour giving you an opportunity to experience each college first hand. You will learn about financial support opportunities, scholarships and the history of each college.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities enroll upwards of 370,000 students and graduate a significant share of all African Americans receiving degrees. While comprising only three percent of the nation's 3,688 institutions of higher learning.

Imagine college life surrounded by the best and the brightest minds from around the world in a supportive atmosphere where you are seen as a person not just another student. Smaller class sizes (Avg. 12:1) enables greater interaction with teachers. Scholarships start at 3.0 GPA up to Larger Scholarships starting at 1100 SAT & 3.50 GPA.

Did You Know?

Almost half of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus attended an HBCU.

Spelman and Bennett Colleges produce over half of the nation's African American women who go on to earn doctorates in all science fields; more than produced by the Ivy League's Seven Sisters combined (Barnard, Mount Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith, Wellesley, and Vassar Colleges)

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