smokless tabacco by jeremy and jaquan

It started with a cigarette at a party. All of Lori's friends were smoking they said it was the "cool thing to do." "come on Lori your 18 stop being a kid." it did not take long for Lori to become addicted. she became so addicted she even tried crack. Her beautiful blonde hair became to fall out and turn grey, her white teeth became yellow. she hated the person she became. "one last time."she would say to herself. one day she was about to get high but a ad on her t.v came on. "smokeless tobacco less addictive then cigarettes !" a great big smile emerged from her face. this can help with my addictions. she would soon find out that smokeless tobacco is just as addictive as regular smokes. Lori could not do any sports anymore and her heart rate would increase. Her parents could not believe their eyes that their little girl was turning into a nasty slob. Lori became stressed and depressed. Her social life was dying just like her lungs. all she would do was dip and other nicotine products. she could not even pay for rent all her money went to smokeless tobacco 50 bucks a week. Lori was diagnosed with oral cancer. she died months later. some people are afraid of monsters but i will always be afraid of drugs.

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