Mrs Collings Y2 class

On Wednesday 27th June we went to St. Gerard’s for a sports event! It was a boiling hot day and we enjoyed all the sports fun in the sunshine!

We did lots of ball skills on Tuesday 26th June!

On Thursday 28th June, we took part in a football competition. St David’s house won!

On Thursday 24th May, we had a treat from one of the boys in the class who had written a story for us! He read it to the class at the end of the day!
On Wednesday 23rd May, we drew a potrait of each other. We worked in partners and had lots of fun!
This week we have been exploring the art work of Frida Kahlo. She was a Mexican artist who specialised in self portraits. We then explored the use of colour using paints. We discovered there are three primary colours; red, blue and yellow! We then mixed these colours to investigate what other colours we could make. These are called Secondary colours!
We then attempted to draw our own self portraits! We had to look carefully in a moirror to look at the features of our face.
At the end of the day, we got to find out what was inside! There was lots of lollies and we had lots of fun trying to get them out with the piñata stick!
This week we had some super homework brought in by one of the children! It was a Mexican piñata!
We had a great time at the Little Theatre on Wednesday! We went to see a Northern ballet performance of the Ugly Duckling. We walked in the sunshine to the theatre and we really enjoyed the show when we were there! It was such a good afternoon!
We enjoyed the sunshine today and took part in some races! We then shared a fruit snack!
In maths this week, we are learning to tell the time!
We have been testing our heart rates and seeing how quickly our heart rate goes when we jump up and down for one minute!
Just some of the amazing homework the children have been bringing in as part of the homework grid! There is so much to do and learn!

In English this week, we are learning all about Compound nouns!

As part of the homework grid, we have been asked to create a healthy smoothie to share with the class! The children have loved exploring their taste buds and tasting all the scrumptious smoothies that they have been making at home! It’s like having a second breakfast!
Nikolai completed some fantastic homework as part of the homework grid! It was full of information and beautiful illustrations!

Y2 had a great time at Trinity last week when they took part in the Sports Hall Athletics competition. It was so much fun! We took part in lots of different races and even the teachers took part in a race! We were the runners up and came back to school with a trophy!

In R.E, we have been learning to serve one another. We thought about good acts we could do to serve one another.

We had a great time in the Talent show! We. are all superstars,

We have been learning the importance of exercise in P.E. We did different exercises and counted how many we could do in a minute!

On the 11th April we had a Mexico day! We wore our own clothes in the Mexican colours. We made passports to make sure we could get to Mexico. We then designed our own Sombrero hats! We had a great day!

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