Manta Rays By: Reuben tillman iv

What are Manta Rays?

Manta rays are a type of fish and their are also relative to sharks and rays. The manta ray are unique and there huge creature. Cool fact: The manta ray can weigh up to two to three tons (4,444-8,888 lbs).

Where do the manta rays live and eat?

Manta rays live in many places. Three of those places are include the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Manta rays mostly eat plankton, fish, and crustaceans. They open their large mouths to swallow their food. They also filter the water they swallow though their gills.

Cool Fact: The word "manta" comes from Spanish word meaning a wrap or cloak. It can also mean "blanket."

This is a model of the biggest manta ray caught. This manta ray was caught in 1933. It measured six metres from wing-tip-to-tip and weighed over 5,000 pounds.

Here is a short video with more details on manta rays:

Manta Ray model I created with clay.
Clay model

Reflection: What struggles did I face? How did I use cognitive flexibility? What strengths did I gain?

Some struggles I faced were managing my time. I did not work on my project every weekend like I planned to. My area of growth of is to stick to my plan and have discipline on completing my projects. However, I accomplished my project and I learned a new online tool called AdobeSpark.

I used cognitive flexibility when I didn't use my plan to work on my project on the weekends. Instead, I decided to dedicate time to do it during school and in the past couple of weeks.

I gained confidence by practicing my presentation in front of people. I also learned how reflect on my project and think about what strategies I can use the next time.

THANK YOU!!!!!:):):):):):):

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