In 2012 the magnificent Mia Michaels, an Emmy award winner, choreographed the powerful piece “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” to be stared in the well-recognised Rock of Ages Musical. In this piece both the movement and non-movement components come together to establish the choreographic intent and to create such a dynamic dance scene. It is believed that Mia Michaels choreographed a very strong and hard-hitting routine to such a compelling song, together the song and the dance create a tremendous routine.

Mia Michael

The two movement components to focus on were energy and steps. The energy in this piece was very high, hard-hitting and compelling. Throughout the whole dance all of the women had the same energy and didn’t show any lacking in this movement component. The purpose of the energy is to show the strength and anger towards Stacee Jaxx and his wild ways. The purpose was definitely met and it made it look strong and effective while being such a creative piece. The second movement component, which is steps, had a variety of movements. This dance included steps like: gun hand movements, hard hitting kicks, punching, stomping, hand on hips, pelvic thrusts, jumps, pointing and clicking. All these actions had the purpose of showing how strong they can be while ironically being an elegant lady. The purpose was definitely met with the steps component. Over all the choreographic intent of the movement components was to show how sharp this routine could be and it most certainly met its aspiration.

Dancers in Action

The non-movement components that were chosen are costume and set. These non-movement components were chosen to show that these innocent house ladies that attend church want to stop Stacee Jaxx, finish rock and roll and show the world that he only promotes bad behaviour. The costumes that were used had a range of different dresses and pantsuits with high heels, puffed up fringes and high quiffs on the top of their heads. The meaning of these costumes was to show that they were still classy ladies despite how strong and violent the movements were. The purpose of these costumes was definitely met and was shown very effectively. The set in this routine was very well set up and suited the dance and roles the ladies were playing. The set was held in a classic church with: candelabras, rows of seats, flowers, image of Stacee Jaxx, podium, a women playing an organ instrument and crosses in the background. The purpose of the set was to create the church and the background of the set and it was absolutely met.

Set and Costumes

In conclusion the choreographer Mia Michaels did an astonishing job on this dance and made it such a powerful routine to add to the Musical Theatre movie “Rock of Ages”. The steps, energy, costume and set all worked as a team to equally create such powerful movement and non -movement components and an exceptional dance piece. This dance portrayed a very powerful message against rock and roll and Stacee Jaxx. Overall this dance was a dominant dance in the movie and showed an enormous influential statement demonstrated in style.

Stacee Jaxx

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