LGBT Rights Krysta roderick

The LGBT rights are important because everyone deserves to have rights no matter what their beliefs are. The LGBT is a community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Their view are different then many people, but they still deserve to have rights to walk around without being stared at, made fun of, or even as far as being beat up for their belief.

Gay pride Parade

They can get help from either fellow people part of the LGBT or hopefully their family or friends. They could learn more about the LGBT if they asked someone who was part of the group or looked it up online to get different point of views on it.

My thoughts on this is that anyone should be able to love one another and view people the way they want to, that wont offend them. I believe that people in the LGBT should be able to get married and date ( so be with one another) without being harmed or threatened. In conclusion I agree with the LGBT.


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