Hello and welcome! My name's Katerina Engelova and this page serves as a humble showcase of some of my design work, mostly focused on my lettering.

I'm a graphic designer and letterer from Prague, Czech Republic who recently graduated in Multimedia at the University of Economics in Prague. My main focus is graphic design and typography but as a true Multimedia student, I'm very versatile when it comes to creative work - I also enjoy illustration, photography, video editing, animation and post-production (both photo and video).


My lettering and calligraphy styles vary a lot as you can see from the examples bellow. I enjoy working with a simple pencil and a technical pen the most and because I'm quite fond of simplicity in design, I'm usually creating my artwork in black and white. However, from time to time I also like incorporating colors while working with other traditional media such as watercolors and chalk, depending on the project I'm working on.


Throughout my studies I've been part of some of the most various projects, including all kinds of commercial campaigns, branding, webdesign, 3D modelling or even filmmaking. I'm including some examples of my projects here to give you an idea about the different graphic styles I'm able to work with, from the more corporate designs to a custom handlettered type.


The most recent project I have been working on with two of my friends for a couple of months is an online stationery shop with products that we design ourselves. Our common passion for graphic design and lettering, and addiction to all kinds of stationery products led us to the idea of making printintin into a real-life project.

We decided to kickstart this project through a crowdfunding campaign on Startovac.cz which turned out to be a success - thanks to our wonderful supporters we're currently in the process of starting our small business. Above you can see our branding that I designed for us.

All our products are designed by hand and later digitalized for print. We aim to make them playful and friendly, with a handmade feel. Our main goal is to produce reasonably priced quality goods that would accompany our customars in their creative work as well as everyday life. Bellow you can see some examples of our notebooks and sketchbooks I designed for us.

If you're interested in this project, you can visit our crowfunding page and watch the promo video we made for the campaign (English subtitles are available), or check out our social media - instagram and facebook.


Do you like what you're seeing? Drop me a message anytime! I'm available for custom lettering and graphic design jobs. You can reach me through my email or my instagram account.



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