LGA NEWS EDITION 14, DATE: 7 may 2021


On my learning walks this week I have visited lessons in Languages, English and Maths and I have been very pleased with what I have seen. Students are very well focussed on the activities that have been planned by the teachers and the quality of the responses I heard to questions asked by the teachers was superb.

Now that students have settled back in to school routines we have raised the level of challenge and it is great to see how well the students have responded to this.

At our Governors meeting this week we had a detailed look at careers guidance at Lord Grey and you will see that our Careers department are regular contributors to our Newsletter. This week there are features on apprenticeships and university futures so please take some time to talk to your child about these opportunities - in our experience it is never too early to start talking about careers.

Jim Parker, Principal.


Mobile phones

At Lord Grey Academy, students are expected to keep their phones switched off in their bags and out of sight from the moment they come through the school gates until they leave at the end of the school day.

If a phone is seen by a staff member, the student will be asked politely to hand the phone over to the member of staff. This will be handed into Student services where it may be securely locked away ready for collection at the end of the school day.

On the second occasion, a parent will be called and will need to collect the phone.

If parents, carers or guardians need to contact their child during the school day, they can call Student Services, who can pass a message to them and if students need to contact parents they can do so by asking at Student Services or the HUB.


Students will receive a detention if they have been late to school on two occasions. The thirty minute detention will take place on the day that your child receives their second late mark.

We ask for students to be in school no later than 8:40 am so that they can be ready for Tutor time, which starts at 8:45 am.

Lateral Flow Testing

Thank you to the staff, students and families who are taking part in the twice weekly lateral flow testing. Please remember once you have completed your test to complete our Home Testing Result Form and let the NHS know via the following NHS Result Link.

We would like to remind you that if you have symptoms, you should not take a LFT, but instead should take a PCR test.

  • If your lateral flow result is negative, please report to Lord Grey and the NHS via the form and you can attend school/work as usual.
  • If your lateral flow result is positive, please report to Lord Grey and the NHS and register for a PCR test. The whole family should isolate. If the PCR is positive, the family will need to continue to isolate for 10 days from the date the PCR result is received. If the PCR results are negative the whole family can continue with their normal routines i.e. return to school/work.
  • If your lateral flow result is void, please report to Lord Grey and the NHS and repeat the lateral flow test straight away. If the lateral flow test is positive on the second attempt please book a PCR test as above. If negative, you can attend school and work as normal. If the second test is void, you will need to Book a PCR test and the family and bubble will need to isolate until the results are received as per the government guidelines.


Hello Colossus House!

You may remember that Mia has been raising money for Willen Hospice, selling not only Christmas cards that she and her siblings designed and decorated, but running a 5K Mothers Day run with Ms Whalley too.

Well now, Mia features in the special edition of the Willen Hospice Spring Summer 2021 newsletter celebrating their 40th anniversary!

Well done Mia!

Don't forget to keep us up to date with how you are getting on with the challenge to have a positive impact on those around you and the personal goals you have set for yourselves.

Some of the suggestions of goal ideas have been taken on by many Colossus students, such as;

  • Performing one act of kindness each day
  • Putting all your litter in the bin
  • Coming prepared with all the equipment needed, every day
  • Bringing a spare face mask to school
  • Attending an Extra-Curricular Activity


Miss Hussey and Ms Whalley, Colossus House


Hello Engima House!

We would like to start this week with a huge thank to Mrs Miah who made some wonderful food and sent it into school. Thank you so much Mrs Miah, so very kind of you and we have to say that the samosas were amazing.

You're a community hero!

Well done to our Enigma Community hero Alex, pictured below with Mr Parker.

Alex sets the standard of our "Lord Grey Way" and displays this within school and also our local community. We are so proud of all that you do Alex and how hard you work in school, we know that you value your education and that you will go onto bigger and better things.

Well done superstar!

Thank you so much to our wonderful Charlize, Blessing and Jessica for your kindness towards another year 10 Enigma student who has been unwell.

The girls recorded a video message and sent it across just to cheer up another student which shows such kindness and though for others.

Well done girls, another fantastic example of our "Lord Grey Way".

As your Heads of House we are very proud you, true Enigma Heroes.

Teri, year 10, has been working really hard in art and doing some excellent work. Her teacher explained that the class have been doing work on Identity and Teri's project is inspired by the artists Kris Trappniers and Niki Rosa.

Amazing work Teri, keep it up!

And Lastly.

Its with great pride that we say congratulations to Kevin, Tommy and Alfie for their outstanding perform in the local league U12s. It's amazing to see our lads back at football and enjoying the games that they are playing with passion and skill and coming away with a 3-1 win.

All three boys play for Newton Longvillie FC and are a credit to their manger/coach and to us here at Lord Grey Academy.

Thank you for demonstrating our "Lord Grey Way" in the community.

Not all heroes wear capes, they wear blue ties.

Mrs Dunn and Mrs Kirby, Engima House


Hello Lorenz House!

This beautiful cake was beautifully made by Lia in year 9. Lia is taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and as part of her requirements wanted to make a cake. As her family do not eat cake, she brought it into the HUB for us all to enjoy.

YES, it was delicious, it tasted as good as it looked.

Well done Lia and a HUGE Thank you.

Remember you are awesome!

Mrs Bowen and Mr Crook, Lorenz House


Hello Turing House!


Thomas, in Year 10, had a really heroic Bank Holiday.

Whilst away in Torquay his dad had a bad fall and broke his ankle. Thomas kept calm and ran to the rescue getting help and assistance! Amazing maturity under such a stressful circumstance. Thomas now has to continue to wear his hero cape by looking after dad!

Well done Thomas, we are super proud of you!

We have more news of Turing students making a difference!

Lucy and Jess, in Year 10, have joined the Crack-It programme and are volunteering at a local care home one day a week. They are also busy helping in the community and showing that #LordGreyCan

As the school year speeds on and lockdown eases we are busy collating more stories of kindness and respect to share with you.

You're all Golden!

Mrs Wasway and Miss Brown, Turing House


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Careers and Futures

Apprenticeships in Healthcare

Milton Keynes University Hospital's Apprenticeship Team are running a 4-day-long Careers Talk Event!

Students will get an opportunity to find out about the hospital and potential careers within the NHS. It will also give them the chance to ask questions and chat with specialty leads and members of the team, who are keen to hear from the young people of Milton Keynes.

The session will be held via Microsoft Teams, and any students interested can purchase free 'tickets' from Eventbrite, where they will be sent an invite to the Teams session via email. The Email address used to claim the free ticket on Eventbrite will be the email address used for the Teams invite.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday 1st June 2021 12:00 - 13:00 Therapies Careers Talk
  • Wednesday 2nd June 2021 12:00 - 13:00 Nursing Careers Talk
  • Thursday 3rd June 2021 12:00 - 13:00 Radiography Careers Talk
  • Friday 4th June 2021 12:00 - 13:00 Simulation Careers Talk

Sign up early to avoid disappointment.

National Citizen Service (NCS) gives you the chance to take on new challenges, learn new skills and make a difference.

It’s about excitement and adventure, fun and friendship, and feeling like you can shape your own future. You can add skills to your CV and UCAS personal statement and improve your chances of going to university, college or getting a job. And you can do it all while you make new friends and have fun. I can't stress enough how important these experiences are for young people. To develop and grow in life, we all have to step out of our comfort zones, NCS is a fun, safe, and affordable way to do that. https://wearencs.com/

What is the point of taking a degree?

Doesn't a degree just mean some letters after your name and a sackload of debt? Actually, there are many benefits to having a degree, for your career and your personal lives. Here are just five of them.

  1. You have much more choice of jobs. With a degree, you don't have to settle for the first job that comes along. Higher qualified workers are in demand, so you can afford to be choosy and have more leverage when it comes to negotiating your salary. Talking of money, the average starting salary for graduates is around £27,000, and they earn about £10,000 per year more than non-graduates.
  2. A study carried out for London University’s Institute of Education discovered that graduates are likely to enjoy better health, have fewer accidents and are less likely to suffer from depression in later life. The study leader, Professor John Bynner, said, “The critical issue is lifestyle. Going into higher education does produce a sort of lifestyle which is less prone to accidents and violence of various sorts. The friendships made at university could also mean that graduates had a social network to stop them getting depressed.”
  3. Furthermore, the study also showed that graduates are less likely to smoke, are more likely to exercise, and are less likely to be obese.
  4. A University of Oxford study showed that people with degrees are four times more likely to take part in painting and photography, five times more likely to be involved in dance and in crafts, and four times more likely to play a musical instrument than people without degrees. Around 78,000 people were surveyed and they found social status didn’t matter, nor did wealth; it was having a degree which made the difference.
  5. More research by Professor John Bynner suggests that graduates are more likely to be an asset to the community. They are more likely to vote, take part in community activities and be a member of a political party. It was also shown that they are more likely to hold positive attitudes towards race and gender. Bynner said “The analysis provides convincing evidence that higher education does produce social as well as private economic benefits to individuals.”
  6. Research conducted by John Jerrim of London University’s Institute of Education has discovered the inter-generational benefits of holding a degree. That is, the benefits that your children can gain from you having a degree. The research shows that children of graduates are five times more likely to reach higher education and are also more likely to go to an elite institution. Source

But - three years at uni costs £30,000!

As for the debt - yes, it sounds appalling, but the scary headlines don't reflect reality. In fact, the debt will not count against your credit score, and it is repaid in very small amounts straight from your salary once you earn over a threshold amount. See the explanation on the LG Careers website.

University is not the only option

While going to uni is a rite of passage, and its importance should not be downplayed, it is not the only way to get a degree. Degree apprenticeships are a fantastic way to earn whilst you learn - ending up with the same degree as university counterparts, but with NO debt, several years of experience and a host of industry contacts.

Talk to Joanna in careers to find out more about the different ways you can continue your education.

Where are you going?

Year 11 - you should all have your places for Year 12 sorted out now. MK College's last open evening is 20th May (register online). Make sure you have a stretching and exciting first choice, and a sensible and achievable back-up plan.

Stay up to date

All students are emailed when events and opportunities arise - with lots of apprenticeship information coming out to Year 11 and Year 13 at the moment. Follow @lgacareers on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest free career and personal development opportunities.


Extra Curricular Groups


  • Head of House - Colossus: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Enigma: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Lorenz: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Turing: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups

If you would like to let us know of any changes to your contact details, please email our Registrar using the following email address registrar@lordgrey.org.uk.

Privacy Notice

May we remind you that information related to the Youth Support Service Agreement can be found on our website under General Information/Policies, Statements & Notices/Policies - Notices or by clicking on the following link: https://www.lordgrey.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Student-Privacy-Notice-June-2019.pdf



Half Term Holiday

Monday 31 May 2021 - Friday 4 June 2021

Students Return To School

Monday 7 June 2021

Year 9 Virtual Parent Consultation Evening

Thursday 24 June 2021

Year 7 Virtual Parent Consultation Evening

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Year 10 Virtual Parent Consultation Evening

Thursday 8 July 2021

Year 12 Virtual Parent Consultation Evening (Two Year Courses Only)

Tuesday 13 July 2021