Revolutions in Technology By hannah perry

Past: Idustrial Revolution


Pre industrial revolution, the farming revolution was blooming. People began to farm smarter which led to a mass population increase.

With more healthy food there were more healthy people and people began to live longer. Also, with more people, there was a need for more jobs to support family. Many people began to move to cities.

With more people out in the world, there was a extreme need for espensive goods. Goods that needed to be made. So people moved to city areas to get jobs in factories to make these goods.

To produce these goods there needed to be a money source. And that was Britain. Britain had a lot of money to invest.

Technological Advancements

Flying Shuttle

Made in 1733, the flying shuttle had a single weaver to weave wider fabrics, it could also be mechanized. The flying shuttle opened up minds at what could be created. In the following years the flying shuttle would evolve into better innovations.

Spinning Jenny

The Spinning Jenny was created in 1764. It was a multi-spindle machine used for spinning wool or cotton. The Spinning Jenny helped make producing goods faster.

The Seed Drill

Made in 1701, the seed drill was created to evenly disperse seeds and cover them with soil with the correct amount of depth. The seed drill helped farming become faster.

"The Industrial Revolution was another of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization." -Stephen Gardiner

Pros and Cons on Society


  • More overall wealth - with more jobs and cheaper prices factory owners found themselves with major profits
  • Price decrease - the more of something that is being produced the cheaper it sells for
  • Job increase - with new factories and inventions factory owners needed many people to do the work
  • Growing population - with easier ways to farm and with healthier food from the Americas, people were bringing to live longer thus being able to reproduce more


  • Harsh living conditions - with people moving to cities for jobs there were limited homes and people were forced to live cramped and dirty
  • Pollution - with new machines that were fueled by coal and such, people encountered the first signs of pollution
  • Dangerous machines - machines in their early stages were quite dangerous to be around. they were fast and and people working them had to be quick as well or they might've lost a finger
  • Overpopulation - with more people in general and with everybody moving to the city, the city grew overpopulated

Present: The Digital Revolution


In early stages, there was a lack set restrictions of who could start a cell phone company, resulting in many different options for people who want a cell phone plan.

With more carrier options, companies compete for better phone plans. Companies then lower the prices of their phones for people to buy.

Another thing that contributed to the revolution was the rollout of broadband access. This meant that there was a spread of places that had internet availability. With internet more accessible more people are going to buy technology to use the internet.

'The key thing about all the world's big problems is that they have to be dealt with collectively. If we don't get collectively smarter, we're doomed.' -Douglas Engelbart

Technological Advances

Birth of Internet

In 1969, the internet was created and began with computers. The internet is a interconnected global network, it was originally created strictly for communication.

Mobile Phone

The first mobile phone call was in 1973. Phones are originally used for communication but have recently been used for entertainment. Cell phones are always changing for the better.

Social Media

Social Media are apps that allows people to communicate, create, and participate in groups. These apps are expanding and evolving each and everyday.

Pros and Cons of the Technology Revolution


  • E-commerce - good for businesses because they can reach worldwide and have transactions done easily
  • Access to Information - whether you need to look up something for history or what happened 20 minutes ago in China, it is all there at your fingertips
  • Endless Entertainment - the worldwide web has anything you can think of, movies, music, games, books


  • Children Exposed - children can easily access things that are inappropriate and there are little thing that protect them from being exposed to them
  • Personal Info - the interwebs has all your personal, with one wrong click all your information is right there for everyone to see and abuse
  • Cyberbullying - one the internet, nothing protects you from mean people. whether people make fun of others or threatening others, bullying is everywhere.

Future: The Space Exploration Revolution


There are many things that are causing the space exploration revolution happen. Humans naturally have a need to know. Everyone is curious and want to make the unknown known.

Everyone know that population growth on earth is becoming a problem. There are so many people using up all the resources that are provided by Earth. Soon enough we are going to have to find ways to create more space for humans to inhabit.

Eventually we will want to find some answers for scientific needs. We would want to know to benefit the future of human beings.

'I think the human race has no future if it doesn't go into space.' -Stephen Hawkings

Technological Advancments

Warp 75 is a red light (emitting diodes) machine that was initially invented by NASA to grow plants in space but ended up being able to heal humans of pain in the bones, parkinson's, and arthritis.

After we destroy our planet we will need another place to inhabit. Terraform is a way we could do that. Terraforming is when you transform a planet to resemble earth so that it could support human life. We would do that by bringing dirt and water to a nearby planet.

Another technological advancement we may have in the future is a elevator to the moon. Japan plans to build an elevator to the moon by 2050. And the elevator would transport passengers a tenth of a way to the moon.

Pros and Cons of the Space Travel Revolution


  • Jobs Created - Space exploration will create many jobs, it offers employment to lots of different fields of study
  • Inventions - by studying space, scientist can make inventions that will help revolutionize the world also that may tell us more about our own earth or the galaxy
  • Inspires Us to Take Care of Our Planet - if we travel in space we will be able to see Earth from a distance and see how healthy it looks, It'll get us to understand the harmful conditions we are bringing on to our planet


  • Conflict - traveling in space may cause conflict between countries and who will be 'incharge' of space.
  • Cost - funding spaces programs cost a lot- about 20 billion dollars
  • Dangers to Astronauts - space is dangerous, if astronauts are caught off guard or make a mistake it could and would most likely cost them their life


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