Outcome #6 USING PERSONAL values to set short and long-term goals

Short-term goals: My short term goal is to, to pass my Math (2060) course to continue my path to academic success. My other short term goal is to eventually pledge the Greek Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, like my father and to become more socially involved outside of my academics to provide myself with an healthy mental outlet. Also, I hope to find a church I enjoy attending at least twice a month. My last, and perhaps more important goal is to finish this semester strong academically and decide whether to pursue an official transfer to NC A&T State University.

Long-term goals: My long-term goal continues to earn my degree in computer engineering and become a highly talented robotic engineer. An engineer with diverse talents, innovative and forward thinking. to learn more about artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and robotics. I dream of one day creating something that will help make a positive difference in the world of technology.

My personal goal is to one day own a collection of unique custom vehicles. To leave a legacy behind that will continue to sculpt the world into something similar to that in the movie iRobot, Transformers, or Jetsons. To travel the world to places of interest and try new things. Most of all, i hope to one day make my family and true close friend proud of me and my God given talents and gifts used to make a positive difference in society.

Core Values - Top 10
Core Values -Top 5
Core Values- Ranked #1

It was not to to difficult to sort and discard my initial core values to get to my top 10, top 5, and finally my number 1 ranked core value. During the process of elimination, my initial challenge was to self reflect and dig deep to identify that one core value that reflects most closely who I am as an individual. When it finally came down to it my final core value was decided based on the fact that I enjoy doing things that allows me to build, innovate and is engineering based.

I am a authentic man raised to real and true to myself. I not a facsimile. I was raised by a real man to be something or somebody special in life--no matter where life takes me. I understand the value and importance of family, and it is the lessons taught through family that I will always have a certain level of confidence and self-esteem necessary to survive today's world.

I am a man of distinction focused on achieving academic excellence. I will leave a mark on this world-If not in person than in the history books!

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