Welcome to Indiana State University!

As an important part of your student’s support system, your guidance and encouragement are critical to their college experience. Indiana State University is here to support you and your student as they begin applying to college!

Whatever role you play in your student’s life, we want to provide the tools you need to partner with us in your student’s success and transition to college. We’re here to give you direction on academic requirements, student resources, campus culture, and numerous other important subjects. This will be a rewarding journey for your family!

Questions to keep in mind:

  1. What areas of study are interesting to your student?
  2. What experiences are important to your student?
  3. What opportunities are available on campus?
  4. How does Indiana State support your student?
  5. Who can you partner with to support your student?
  6. How will your family plan for the cost of college?
  7. Why Indiana State?
What do Sycamores study?

Pre-professional degree preparation

Is your student interested in a pre-professional field? Their advisor will help select courses to complete requirements or pre-requisites they need. They’ll choose a major from the list and prepare for graduate-level admission to the professional program while completing their undergraduate degree.

How can your family plan for the cost of college?

Total scholarships awarded each year - $16M

Tuition-free for Pell-eligible students

Did you know?

  • Your student must file the FAFSA every year to be eligible for financial aid
  • 92% of first year students at State receive financial aid
  • Average amount of grant or scholarship aid is $8,947 per student
  • Average amount of federal student loan aid is $7,499

Your student is your whole world. Don't worry - they are in good hands on campus!

Indiana State offers 20+ Living Learning Communities and 11 newly-renovated residence halls. Living and learning on campus is one of the fastest ways to make college feel like home! Your student will be surrounded by peers, with in-building classrooms and mentors. Living Learning Communities are also a great way for students to better take advantage of the student side of life on campus such as Homecoming and Spring Week, team sports, fraternity and sorority life, student organizations and more!

Our residence halls can only be accessed by students who live in the building, and our University Police department is fully staffed 24/7. They'll even walk your student back from a late-night study session upon request.

Encouraging Sycamores to reach their goals

At Indiana State, our faculty jump at chances to mentor students. Social studies education major Alissa Morrison developed a meaningful relationship with professor Matt Moulton.

Dr. Moulton guided Alissa toward professional development opportunities, including joining C.H.I.L.L. (Colleagues Helping Implement Lifelong Learning) and serving on as Chi Omega's external marketing chair and member educator.

We'll be there for your student, even when you can't.

Our on-campus UAP Health Clinic and Student Counseling Center ensure your student stays happy and healthy at Indiana State.

We want your student to be successful—inside the classroom and out. Students and staff manage our resource centers, and your student will have plenty of options for tutoring, feeling at home, and being introduced to new opportunities.

With 2000+ student employee positions on campus and 100% of courses including real-world experience, your student can gain skills they need before graduating.

Applications open in July. Standardized tests scores, such as SAT or ACT, are no longer required for admission. The SAT or ACT may still be required for certain merit-based scholarships.


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