History Behind the Odyssey Submitted by ryan tiv

What was the Trojan War?

The Trojan War was a war that involved the Greeks and the Guardians of Troy.

How did the start and end?

The Trojan war started when a Prince of Troy kidnapped the Wife of Menelaus, the King of Sparta and was helped by Aphrodite. The war ended by the Greeks using a large wooden horse to gain access past the Walls of Troy.

Who were the Major players in this war?

The major figures in the Trojan War are the Guardians of Troy and the Greeks

How does the Odyssey relate to it?

The Odyssey relates to the war because the main figure in Odyssey, Odysseus has fought in that war.

Who is Homer?

Homer is the Author of Odyssey who lived about 2700 years ago.

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