The Good Life Tour of the Harn yinghan ma

This piece of work is called Dos Ninos, which means Two Children in English. It was painted by Jesus Guerrero Galvan, a Mexican painter. This painting recalled Spanish Renaissance and Baroque portraits of royal and aristocratic children who were represented as miniature adults. From this artwork, we can find out that these well-dressed kids are not happy from their expression. The painter uses art as a medium to convey his concern about children's real happiness.

This corner is my favorite part of the Harn Museum. They put a sculpture outside the room and let the natural light fall on the artwork. At the same time, the sculpture is surrounded by plants. Because of the natural light and the green plants, this little chamber makes a great difference to the audiences' feeling. This exhibit gives me a feeling of mystery. It's like I found an old antique in the primeval forest.
This is a Chinese wood carving. It surprised me when I saw an artwork from China in the museum. A good wood carving is very precious in China. One piece of work will always take an artist almost half a year to finish it. When carving the wood, accuracy is highly required for the artist. One mistake will kill the whole piece of wood. This artwork can demonstrate what the spirit of the craftsman is. From this thing, I understand that we need to be always conscientious if we want to achieve something.
This painting was done by George Biddle who is a regionalist painter. In this work, he presents the mountainous gold-mining town of Victor. However he uses muted color to portray it. By doing so, we can feel the desperation and depression easily. This painting tell us that real happiness cannot be bought by using money. Even though the village is among the gold mines, it still looks depressing. The Good Life theme depicted in this picture is that money is not everything; Good Life is more about happiness and spiritual satisfaction.

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