St Mary's College Term 2 - Issue 2

Mother's Day Breakfast

Jen Rudyard - Assistant Principal of Primary

Mother's Day Raffle Results

A Big thank you goes out to Parent & Friends for arranging this special event.

A Celebration for Kelsie

On Thursday, 13th May, the Pre Primary children at St Mary’s College participated in a variety of activities to celebrate CDG Day. Our beautiful friend Kelsie, has a rare Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation, and we are so lucky to have her at our school.

We loved making a dinosaur swamp land with GREEN shaving cream!

We made handprints to stick into the grass to spell CDG. Everybody else in the school made some handprints too so that we could all be involved in spreading awareness of CDG!

Making green fairy bread was an absolute favourite for everyone!

Thanks for reading and helping to spread the awareness of CDG!

Kristi Pigram - Teacher Primary

Primary Cross Country

Congratulations to all of our students who ran in our Cross Country carnival! It was awesome to see so many students having a go at running long distance. Thank you to all the parents who came down to support and a big thank you to the staff who were involved to help the day run so smoothly!

Here are our champions:

Pre Primary Girls: 1. Eliona Bero 2. Oakley Savill 3. Maia Morgan

Pre Primary Boys: 1. Cody Sibosado 2. David Phiri 3. Chayse Stevens

Year 1 Girls: 1. Isabella Hedley 2. Paityn Dann 3. Hannah Boucher

Year 1 Boys: 1. Cody Gregory 2. William Hedley 3. Samuel Kennedy

Year 2 Girls: 1. Neveah Cox 2. Lei-Lani Hart 3. Lila Sibosado

Year 2 Boys: 1. Beau Garstone 2. Samuel Bunting 3. Lewis Carlson

Year 3 Girls: 1. Willow Killeen 2. Rachel Wailu 3. Ester Trentin

Year 3 Boys: 1. Alizai Thomas-Lawford 2. Henry Hedley 3. Jayden Gregory

Year 4 Girls: 1. Jedda Waters 2. Indiana Russell 3. Imogen Parsons

Year 4 Boys: 1. Alby Bell 2. Zale Birch 3. Errol Cox Year

Year 5 Girls: 1. Jessica Fletcher 2. Olivia Kennedy 3. Zahra Bin Kali

Year 5 Boys: 1. Chaz Malay-Corpus 2. Max Mitchell 3. Aaron Cox

Year 6 Girls: 1. Anthea Corpus 2. Maliyah Angus 3. Molly Bell

Year 6 Boys: 1. James Mitchell 2. Kai Birch 3. Spencer Groenenberg

Jorje Harman Teacher Primary

Secondary House Cross Country

The House cross country was ran very similar to last year, with the exception of having whole school presentations at the end of the day, which worked great so that the whole school could witness the efforts of some great champions on the day. We ran each year group at a different period in the day which lead to a less congested course and some great times recorded.

The weather was perfect with a slight breeze to help cool competitors as they ran the course. With building works completed, the track went back to the inside of the school and through the bush around the back of some buildings to make it more of a cross country course.

The following students ran extremely well on the day and managed to place in the top 3. Congratulations also to Barbier, who were the champion House.

Female Year 7:  1. Romany Stevens 2. Tasman Stevens 3. Skylar Phillips

Male Year 7:  1. Mitchell Hearsch 2. Lachlan Hearsch 3. Luca Scriva

Female Year 8: 1. Henrietta Ningella 2. Kiahan Bedford 3. Kaylene Dacuyan

Male Year 8: 1. Alexander Keating 2. Preston Townsend 3. Felix Carroll

Female Year 9: 1. Savannah Day 2. Amelia Mitchell 3. Bethany Clarke-Leaver

Male Year 9: 1. Jay Hill 2. Christopher Hunter 3. Wyatt Smith

Female Year 10: 1. Hershey Pineda 2. Nevada Croft 3. Emma Bell

Male Year 10: 1. Lewis Varga 2. Xaver Carroll 3. Jhy Lorimer

Female Year 11/12: 1. Rosa Hungerford Morgan 2. Teaghan Hastie 3. Brianna Binning

Male Year 11/12:  1. JV Hungerford Morgan 2. Jobe Bedford 3. Zachary Linton

Steven Gregory - HOLA Physical Education

Year 8 Textiles

The year 8 students have hit the ground running this term in Textiles. Students started with investigations into natural and man made materials then made a mobile using objects they found. All the students have applied themselves to the task with enthusiasm which is great to see and the results so far have been terrific. The year 8 early finishers have already started to learn how to crochet or knit so keep your eye open for their terrific pieces later in the term.

Paula Bray - Teacher Secondary

Da Vinci Decathlon

On May 5th, eight students and two teachers rolled up to school at 6am to take part in the Da Vinci Decathlon. A day long event inspired by the great Leonardo da Vinci.

Flynn Little (9), Hannah Miedema (10), Amica Giancono (10), Meg Stokes (10), Renae McLean (10), Jhy Lorimer (10), Dominic Bartlett (10) and Xaver Carroll (10) accompanied by Ms Erin Meckenstock and Ms Nina Durack took part in an academic competition involving 10 disciplines from code-breaking to art and poetry and engineering to English.

The papers required problem solving, critical thinking and creativity as well as teamwork, interpersonal skills and a high level of written and verbal communication. All students worked collaboratively, working to each other’s strengths and helping out wherever needed.

Facilitated by Knox Grammar School in New South Wales, St Mary’s students competed online alongside 186 other schools in activities that took them beyond schoolwork in classrooms.

All students had a great day and we hope to be back for 2022!

Nina Durack - Teacher Secondary

Follow The Dream - Jawun Secondment

On Tuesday afternoon last week, Follow the Dream had a visit from Pepita Wilson, the West Kimberley Regional Director for Jawun, to introduce 6 professionals, who have recently arrived in Broome to complete their Secondment. The Jawun Secondment Program is a professional development opportunity for public sector staff Level 7 and above (or government sector equivalent) to advance cultural awareness and understanding.

We are very fortunate to have been offered voluntary assistance from people with a range of experience and backgrounds, some of which include engineering, politics and law, science, nursing and the environment. Every Thursday afternoon, for the next 6 weeks, 2 of the 6 Secondee’s will be offering their expertise and assisting with tutoring on the FTD program.

We are really looking forward to welcoming our guests to the program and hope that they enjoy their time with us at St Mary’s.

Amanda Davies - HOLA - Learning Extension & Follow the Dream Co-ordinator

Clontarf Mother's Day

Over the course of two days the Broome Clontarf Academy was lucky enough to celebrate the wonderful women in the Clontarf Academy members lives for mothers day. Mums, Aunties, Sisters, Grandmothers and all of the ladies in the boys lives came in to see the Clontarf kids deliver speeches about how much they loved and appreciated the ladies in their lives.

After the speeches the boys delivered personalised cards and a bouquets of flowers and there was not a dry eye in the house.

A special thanks to all the women that came in to help us celebrate and happy mothers day to everyone.

Gus Boult-lyne - Clontarf Academy

Youth Mass

We kicked off the 2021 Our Lady Queen of Peace Youth Group last night with a volleyball game followed by Mass and Pizza!

It was so exciting to see so many new faces among the participants.

Much fun was had as the girls and boys versed each other in Volleyball with the game evenly poised at one set all at the end of play!

Mass was a beautiful, reverent occasion with many young people undertaking the ministries and we thank them for generously sharing their gifts with the community.

Dinner followed with a crowd favourite – Dominoes Pizza!

We thank all those who attended for their contribution to a great night and look forward to seeing you all again and more on Sunday 13th June at 5.00pm. More details to follow!

Diana Jans - RE Consultant - Catholic Education Office

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Elizabeth Anderson - Joshua's Mum

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