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Jacksons Military Background

Jackson had no military experience, but in 1802 was appointed general of the Tennessee militia. He had major victories along the way, all culminating to the Battle of New Orleans. This battle ended the War of 1812 & garnered Jackson national fame.

Universal male suffrage

Under Jackson the requirements to vote were changed. It started with only white men who owned property could vote, under Jackson it was changed to all white men. This caused a massive increase in voting.

Election 1824

In the election of 1824 there was about 365,928 voters

Election 1828

In 1828 there was 1,149,216 voters, this increase is due to the universal male suffrage

Indian removal act

This act allowed Jackson to negotiate with southern Native American tribes to remove them rom their lands to federal lands to the west of the Mississippi river. Some tribes went peacefully, but most fought, this led to the Trail of Tears. The trail of tears took place under Martian Van Buren rather than Jackson, showing how long it took for it to start.

Fort Smith was a fort used during the removal of Native Americans
Trail of tears

Worcester vs. Georgia

This court case started because Worcester (a christian missionary teaching Natives the bible) was arrested by the state of Georgia. After hearing everything the Supreme court voted 6-1 that Georgia had no right to remove Natives from their land, only the government did. In a strange turn of event Jackson, the then president didn't enforce this law, and the natives were kicked out anyways.

Chief Justice John Marshall was thew judge who presided over the court case

National Bank Veto

Jackson argued that the bank gave advantages to the wealthy, while not giving anything to the poor. He also opposed the foreign countries having stock in the bank. After taking out all federal deposits Jackson effectively killed the bank.

Pet banks

These were banks choose by the department of treasury to get a increase in government funding. In 1833 there were 23 of these banks. These banks were chosen based on if the banks were politically aligned with Jackson.

Specie Circular

Order passed by Jackson in 1836 that all land be purchased with gold or silver. The reason for this was because Jackson wanted to end land speculation, which was bought with depreciating money. This act actually caused the value of all paper money to go down even more, leading to the Panic of 1837.

Nullification Crisis

This crisis involved South Carolina, who stated that the Tariffs of 1828 were unconstitutional and they didn't have to follow them. After Jackson signed in the tariffs South Carolina met & singed the ordinance of nullification. The senate signed the force bill in response, allowing the government to take military action. Cooler heads prevailed & the compromise tariff was made.

John C. Calhoun... SC Exposition

John C Calhoun was a proponent in the set up of the ordinance of nullification. He wrote the South Carolina exposition which was a book going against the Tariffs of 1828

Peggy Eaton affair

The Eaton affair was based around Peggy Eaton & her husband John Eaton. The reason for the affair were rumors the Joh was having an affair with Peggy who was married at the time. Her husband then died and she married John quite quickly. This led to Jackson cabinet being replaced except for one.

Maysville road

This bill would allow the federal government to build a road from Lexington to Maysville. Jackson vetoed it saying it was unconstitutional. He did this mostly because Henry Clay wanted this road to be built. He also thought that the government should pay for things that benefited the nation, this was local.

Spoil system vs Merit system

The merit system is the process of having a government employee based on their own skill. The spoil system is based on political connection. Jackson started the spoil system because when he took office he fired many federal employees & gave them to friends and supporters. I personally believe that the merit system is better because it goes based off skill rather than political affiliation

Pendleton Act

This act passed in 1883 was the change from the spoil system to the merit system. Those who wished to be a federal employee had to pass a competitive exam.

Rotation of Office Holders

Jacksons belief that federal employees should serve one term. The reason for this was because he wanted people he could trust in office rather than political enemies.

Does it create instability?

This system can create instability if left unwatched


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