The diameter of Saturn´s equator is about 74,898 miles wide.

The diameter does not include the rings of Saturn.

It takes Saturn 29.4 Earth years to make a complete revolution around the sun.

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun.

The distance of Saturn from the sun is 886,526,100 miles.

Saturn is in line with the sun

Saturn was named after the Roman God of agriculture and wealth.

Saturn in black and white.

The average temperature of Saturn is -290 degrees fahrenheit.

Shows distance of rings from planet.

Interesting facts!!!!!!!

1. Dusty chunks of ice—some the size of a house, others of a grain of sand—make up Saturn´s extraordinary rings.

2.Saturn is surrounding by 53 confirmed and 9 provisional moons.

3. Saturn´s rings are about 170,000 miles long.

4.Saturn´s rings are about 300 feet thick.

The planet Saturn


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