TV Production unit By: Sal Boon


During this TV production I learned a lot and gained a lot of useful knowledge about TV and how they are made. During the unit I learned a lot about the fragmentation of television audiences over time. I also learned about how developing technology has affected the relationship between television and their audiences. We also learned about different theory on television including the mean world syndrome and the uses and gratification theory. We were then also given the opportunity to make our own TV show, which also gave more unique knowledge.

Formal Application Letter

This is my job application letter for becoming a presenter. I am extremely pleased with the quality of my application letter and the how formal it turned out to be. With this letter I was able to get the job that I wanted.

Production Role Research

This is some basic research for my role as presenter this research was just so I can get a basic idea of what responsibilities are expected of me during filming and during the planning stages. I believe that this made me slightly more comfortable during the filming stages of production.


This is the script for he 'make', me and Yan wrote it together with the word limit in mind. We tried to make it as interesting as possible so we don't bore the audience

Basic notes on TV shows and small definitions of the uses and gratification theory etc.

Analysis of a make

Here I have wrote a short analysis on a Martha Steward make. The video is of her making a coffee filter tree. The analysis mainly consists of camera shots and a short conclusion on why it sustains audience interest. Also in context with her role as presenter she talks slowly and calmly and always looks back into the center camera.

Rehearsal 7 for the 'make'

Actual final production:

Live stream of our TV production

Analysis of Black Mirror season 1 Episode 2 "Fifteen Million Credits"

Final Production Evaluation

This is a short evaluation I have completed, basically summing up what me and my group have done during the T.V unit.

Distribution possibilities

Here I have found some advantages and disadvantages to using YouTube and Vimeo.
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