Death Penalty and Capital Justice BY: EMILY HORTON

Who: The prisoners who are committing big mass murders or just one murder are killed. "I think capital punishment works great. Every killer you kill never kills again." - Bill Maher

What: The lethal injection, hanging, and in some countries they hold the prisoner and hold a gun uo to there head and shoot them till they die. The used to use a shock chair and they would shock them to death. The shock chair was so powerful that the people would start bleeding. And then they would also hang people, and that worked but they didn't continue using it. And now they use lethal injection.

When: They started using lethal injection, July 23 2014. And they might not continue using it because people have been waking up half way through and having cesours and it's painful when they wake up.

Where: They are gonna try and stop this all over America becuase everyone uses it and they have been seeing this happen all over the place. And they are in more pain then ever when they wake up.

Why: Becuase people do wake up in the middle of them getting the lethal injection and they are great amounts of pain. And in the constitution it says no cruel and unusual punishments and there is major debates on wether this is cruel and unusual, or not.

How: They will have people writing to the government maybe people who have had this happen to a family member or close friend. And they may try to find better ways to do this if they all agree that it is not cruel and unusual. And if they think it is then they will have life in prison and they will probably be a bad time for them and they can't bail out.

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