December 3, 2019 was a record-setting day of giving.

Giving processed through CyberGrants, including employee donations and company matching, totaled over 15 million dollars.

The top cause areas this year were Education, Human Services, Health and Animal & Environment.

Again this year, people around the world came together for another record-setting day of giving. With estimates coming in at over $500 million in the US alone, and growth at nearly 28% over 2018 numbers*, the impact of Giving Tuesday has been enormous.

*source: GivingTuesday.org

We’re proud to announce our clients made an incredible impact on the overall contributions collected, and new records were also set for us this year. Through the generous contributions of our clients, who really hit it out of the park on this busy and transformative day, total Giving Tuesday contributions through CyberGrants increased 15% in 2019 over 2018.

We processed over $7 million in employee giving, and $8 million in company matches in just one day!

Employee donations went up 24% compared to last year’s GivingTuesday.

The number of unique organizations that participated increased by 28%.

The number of unique donors that participated increased by 19%.

Health, education, and the environment were the categories that received the most contributions, benefiting organizations both large and small. Nearly one-third of all corporate giving and grantmaking is processed via CyberGrants.

Our team's all-star performance helped managed the increase in giving processing we experienced this year. Web traffic to our platform increased by 55% over last year and we maintained 100% system availability.

Thank you to our clients for making 2019 the biggest Giving Tuesday yet. We look forward to continuing the impact in 2020.

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