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GCH Sinkona's Dream Catcher CD BN GN RE HSAs AXP AJP MFP CA VX

Elsa came into my life at a lower point and she was the dog that I needed. She was leaping off of porches at 6 weeks old. I had lost Elsa's grandmother very unexpectedly and she had huge shoes to fill.

Elsa at five weeks.

Elsa is bred by myself and my daughter, Tanya. She is from GCH Kings Valley Smooth Blue Jazz HT CGC x Sinkona's Shadow Dancer (a litter of 8). The breeding was made for quality and the best health that I could hopefully get. She is fully health tested. Her name was on a list that I have for possible future names and unbeknownst to me at the time, she has garnered dreams that I didn't know I had! Including a Best of Variety win over 28 smooths under a very well known collie breeder-judge to finish her Championship.

Elsa in May of 2017.

You know each dog teaches us something that we didn't know or feel before.

My line is known for the collies that have titles on both ends! Elsa was 4 years old in May and has had a very busy year. Raising 9 puppies via C-section and earning 6 titles this year. Titles may not accumulate as fast now but this dog loves to work and gives her all in the things we do. She has been in the Novice ring 7 times and in the ribbons all 7 times; earned her Graduate Novice title in 3 consecutive outings, placing in the ribbons. Elsa is insanely crazy about Lure Coursing and has been clocked at a top speed of 24.96 MPH. She is currently #3 in Fast Cat for 2018 and #5 overall. We are currently training and participating in Obedience, Tracking, Herding and Agility.

Elsa: GCH Sinkona's Dream Catcher CD BN GN RE HSAs AXP AJP MFP CA VX

Elsa is a bit of an independent spirit but she wants to work and even through the frustrating times she gives me her all. So far it has been a very exciting journey and I pray that we have many years together, doing things together, learning together. You know each dog teaches us something that we didn't know or feel before. Elsa is the dog that I needed in this part of my life (I'm not getting any younger) -- my gift from her Grandmother, where that beautiful loving spirit lives on and the intelligent, loving, beautiful expression that she has and gives me. Sometimes Elsa looks at me with questioning eyes of "what are we doing." I hope that we have a long performance career ahead of us, with new adventures and titles that I have not earned before on any dog, and we are on to places that we have never been.

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