Media TV Show Journal By Daniel Leong 10K2

Autocue Operator

Example of a Teleprompter

Research on Role of Autocue Operator

The role that I signed up for was Autocue Operator. I was in charge of the teleprompter and make sure that the presenters could read from it. I had to make sure that the font was big enough for them to see and the speed was suitable to their reading speed. The teleprompter had to be paused and played at the right times so that it wouldn't go too fast or too slow. The teleprompter should help so that the presenters know their lines and when to say them.

In charge of:

  • Making sure the speed was appropriate
  • Helping the presenters with the lines and making sure it ran smoothly
  • Made sure the text was appropriately sized and easy to read

Below is the Job Application Letter

My Job Application Letter for the role
Planning Document

Final Production and Process Evaluation

The process of creating the TV Make was a very interesting experience because I have never done a TV Make before. I feel like I have learned a lot and it was a new experience where we had to work in a team and make sure that it went smoothly. I feel that has helped my teamwork skills and I also learned about the job of a autocue operator. It helped my time management skills and my collaboration skills. I think I also learned a lot more about the importance of communication within the group and listening to other's ideas. I think that in the different groups,

I think the final product was a success. The Make turned out quite well because everything operated smoothly and we didn't have any major problems or challenges. The only slight problem was due to the VT not working at times. But overall, I think we did very well. Next time, I would try and choose a more involved role to challenge myself and learn more. I think that I did quite well in this role and there weren't any major difficulties even though I had to work with both groups. One of the small difficulties was working with the presenters because they had different speeds that they wanted for the autocue. They had to try and set the speed and font size correctly. There were also some minor technical issues with the teleprompter but they were resolved.

Distribution Possibilities

The TV Make could use video sharing sites like Vimeo and Youtube in order to reach it's audience. The different websites could help to give the TV Make more of an audience and they would help to make sure that more people are able to view it easily and efficiently.The video could reach more people. The video sharing sites are a significant help to make it easily accessible to all audiences.

Textual Analysis of TV Make

The video I will be analysing is the Blue Peter Pizza Cupcakes Make:

Blue Peter set

Set Design

The set was also very well designed and it fit well with the theme of the show. The lighting on the show is also very professional. The blue color of the set matches with name ("Blue Peter") and the use of different coloured props in the background help to add more variety and create interest. It would appeal to the audience because of being a kid friendly show and including bright colors to be visually attractive.

The Make Table

The make table is plainly decorated with a blue tablecloth to fit in with blue theme and it is clear of any distractions or obstacles so that the make proceeds smoothly. The table didn't have anything on it except for the equipment that they had to use and the completed make. The visual appeal is created through the color palette of the make table and the design of it. The make table has examples of the completed make so that the audience can see what it will look like.

Graphic Elements


The ingredients are shown on the show using a picture of food with the ingredients shown in blue text like above. The brand title and logo is shown on their aprons and also shown on the set.


There are 2 presenters in the show, a guest and the presenter. They provide jokes and humour to bring interest from the audience. I think that the presenters managed to be able to keep eye contact with the camera and read the lines smoothly. They could interact well with each other. They are dressed in aprons and casual clothes because it is an informal programme for kids. They manage to connect with viewers through their dialogue with each other and talking to the audience as well.

Use of Language

The presenters are good at talking and their tone of delivery is clear and easy to understand. They speak at a good pace. The language and words used are very casual and informal so that kids can understand and enjoy it. The words they use are also very encouraging as they encourage the audience to try it because of saying it's 'delicious' and 'simple to make'.

Camera Coverage

The camerawork is good because there are good camera angles and the cuts are smooth. There are a variety of shots used such as a close up, mid range shot, full shot and bird's eye shot of the cooking. The close up is used for taking a zoomed in look at how they're making the food and the presenter's face. The mid range shot is used for showing both presenters and how they talk and interact with each other which is similar to how the full shot is used. The bird's eye shot is used similarly to the close up but to give a top down view of the baking. There seems to be around 6 cameras because there are some positioned on the side, in the middle and on the ceiling.


The make is sped up by using quick cuts to show what they did if it's a long process. They break up the make into 5 parts: mixing the ingredients, mixing the dough, placing the dough in the cupcake trays, placing the pizza toppings into the dough, baking it in the oven. These are indicated by the presenter's dialogue and explaining it to the audience. The transitions are good and easy to follow, they aren't jarring.

How do TV shows use social media to promote?

AGT phone application
Social Media that AGT uses frequently
"America's Got Talent is a reality show talent competition where the contestants go through several rounds to win a cash prize of $1,000,000. They use a variety of social media networks including Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. They have over 500,000 followers on Twitter and 300k followers on Instagram."
America's Got Talent's Twitter Page
AGT Instagram page
AGT Youtube page

The TV show that I will be analysing is "America's Got Talent" and how they use social media to promote and advertise their show. They use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, an iPhone/Android app and a website to interact and promote their show. The audience and viewers can vote for their favourite acts using the app and website. The use of social media shows that they're interacting with their audience and trying to connect with the viewers. Social media also helps the viewers and audience to interact with each other and discuss the show as well.

AGT's use of websites such as Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Snapchat and Youtube ensure that their show reaches a wide amount of people in a short amount of time. The ads that they put on their websites and apps are also another way of generating revenue for them. The Youtube videos are a good way to entice people to watch the show and you can easily access the highlights of the show if you missed it. This helps to give the viewers more control and ease of access when using the many ways of viewing the show. People can use Twitter and Facebook to catch up with the show and learn more about what's happening on it and discuss with other viewers about it. There are many ways that people can access the show nowadays without having a television and you can even join in and participate in it. This helps to connect the audience and the show and get fresh opinions on how the show can improve and change for the better.

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