The Tiger Shark By: brayden payne

Scientific Name

Galeocerdo cuvier


most tropical and temperate regions


fish, seals, birds, smaller sharks, squid and turtles

Physical description

Mature sharks average 11 feet to 14 feet in length and weigh 850 to 2000 pounds

breeding info

The Tiger shark breeds by internal fertilization. It is the only species in its family that is ovoviviparous, like mammals, it gives birth to live young

special behavior

The Tiger shark is second only to the Great White shark in number of recorded human fatalities and is considered, along with the great white, bull shark and the oceanic whitetip shark to be one of the sharks most dangerous to humans. It is often colloquially called the man-eater shark

interesting info

The tiger shark has sometimes been found with man-made waste such as license plates or pieces of old tires in its digestive tract


the end


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