Oneida Tribal Government By:Sadie Kelley

Interesting Fact about Oneida: We have three different tribal governments in two different countries ( United States/ Canada).
There are 9 total members of the Business Committee.
Address: N7210 Seminary Rd, Oneida, WI, 54155

5 Issues/Events

1.) Passing laws that include conflict of interest, real property law, and budget management

2.) Oneida Golf Enetrprise; Ladies Professional Golf Assonction

3.) Collecting donations from tribal members to give to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

4.) Approve draft letter to President Barack Obama regarding the Dakota Access Pipline.

5.) Approve lease for Oneida emergency food pantry.

Issue/ Event that I chose was # 3. The issue includes a statement of donating needs to people in the camps. Oneida nation was handling the issue very well. They were handling it well because the people staying at the Oceti Sakowin camp need donations to help survive. The people out at Oceti Sakowin camp started to get down on supplies because so many people went to help protest against the Dakota Access Pipe Line. When more people would come to the camp, they would ask for people to bring there own supplies because the camp is low. However, different tribes heard about the camp running low on supplies, so they decided to make and bring donations to the camps. I agree with how they are handling the issue because many people needed lots of supplies to continue to live and help protest there.

My personal opinion on what they could have done to help out the people at the camp is do the donations monthly and not just a one-time thing like they decided to do. Then they would collect the donations after the month ended. It would benefit the people there at the camp more because the supplies are coming in faster. The next thing that I would do is once the supplies are delivered, then ask for a list of what the camp is low on. Then take the list back and tell the community that they need to donate the stuff on the list.

Interesting facts about issue: 1.) The company that is building DAPL, did not treat Standing Rock Sioux like a Sovereign Nation. 2.) Over 300 tribes came to gather to help.

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