Ralph Chandler Middle School Library Report December 2018


At Ralph Chandler Middle School Library, our goal is to ensure that learners leave here as competent, critical, and ethical users and producers of ideas and information. It is our mission to prepare lifelong learners; information literate young people able to determine their information needs, recognize and utilize relevant and credible resources, all while evolving into impassioned readers. We seek to underscore the profile of a South Carolina graduate by encouraging students to be creative, innovative, collaborative, self-directed critical thinkers, who become adept at problem solving and who attain a global perspective.


Circulation Statistics for December 2018


12/3 - Bradley - NoodleTools (1,2,5,6)

12/4 - McDougal - Credibility of Website (1,2,5,6)

12/5 - McDougal - NoodleTools (1,2,5,6)

12/6 - Barnes - Credibility of Website (1,6)

12/7 - Barnes - NoodleTools (1,6)

12/10 - Berkeley/Going/Randall - 7th Grade Book Checkouts (1,2,5,6)

12/11 - Overflow Testing

12/12 - Miles/Sondov - 8th Grade Book Checkouts (2,4,6,7)

12/14 - PD Follett - Robert Mackey (6,7)

12/14 - Potter - LAB Time

12/17 - Penninger/Stills - 6th Grade Book Checkouts - (1,4,5,7)


The month of December was very short with Christmas break and a server upgrade for Destiny, which put a dent in some of our abilities to serve everyone as efficiently as we would like. However, while the month was short, it was an extremely busy time for us. We continued with a major research assignment for the 7th grade students on child labor. A focal point of this lesson was to instill in the students a new information literacy approach coming out of the great work of the Stanford History Education Group from California, where terrific lessons are being developed on civic online reasoning and lateral reading strategies. I also spent a great deal of time examining the resources recommended for the 7th grade ELA teachers in an "instructional coaching cycle" with GCS District's middle school liaison, Dr. Fran Rogers. These resources include items from The Library of Congress, The National Archives and Records Administration, Common Lit, and Newsela. Ms. Cornish has been extremely busy with Chromebook repair issues and school website upgrade tutorials. Ms. Cornish and Mrs. Walton met with our Follett representative, Robert Mackey, for professional development involving the server upgrade and genrefication of our collection. We are starting with horror/thriller, as that is the second most requested genre of books about which students ask! Another very fruitful collaboration with Ms. Stills' 6th grade social studies class, was the DBQ Project question on Sparta using the essential question, "Education in Sparta: Did the Strengths Outweigh the Weaknesses?" Students used the library LibGuide on Sparta (viewed 273 times in the month of December) to access both print and electronic library resources to answer this question using primary and secondary source documents. This also allowed us, in the library, to model the practice of curation...identifying possible sources of information and joining with others to compare and contrast information derived from collaboratively constructed information sites.

The Sparta LibGuide was viewed 273 times in the month of December to access the very best print and electronic resources from the RCMS Library.
Nearpod Slides and Reports from Credibility of a Website Lesson
Library Google Calendar - December, 2018

AASL Standards for Learners addressed here include:

  • adopting a discerning stance toward points of view and opinions expressed in information resources
  • identifying possible sources of information
  • making critical choices about information sources to use
  • understanding the ethical use of information, technology, and media
  • evaluating information for accuracy, validity, social and cultural context
  • seeking a variety of sources
  • systematically questioning and assessing the validity and accuracy of information
  • ethically using and reproducing others' work
  • acknowledging authorship and demonstrating respect for the intellectual property of others
  • disseminating new knowledge through means appropriate for the intended audience
  • actively contributing to group discussions


12/07 - Ms. Cornish - Web Tutorials on new webpage rollout for Greenville County Schools

12/11 - Ms. Cornish and Mrs. Walton - Follett Destiny PD with Robert Mackey


12/7 -

6th Grade: Interland - Tower of Treasure - Lesson from Be Internet Awesome from Google


Be Internet Awesome - Google's Digital Citizenship Lessons

7th Grade: 7th Grade: Digital Bytes from Common Sense Media (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN AS AN EDUCATOR IN COMMON SENSE MEDIA)


LESSON: MY SELFIE, MYSELF ---https://vimeo.com/135514633 (This can be found under the ACTIVISM tab on the facilitators guide.

https://youtu.be/_pyJlERCrJE (Social Networking in Real Life - PREVIEW this/you will have to show it as it may be blocked for students or just skip it and use only the vimeo My Selfie, Myself video.

8th Grade:



LESSON: Online Tracking - http://digitalbytes.commonsensemedia.org/ - Show the video and lead the students in a discussion of the following questions. TEDTALK - Tracking Online Trackers ---https://www.ted.com/talks/gary_kovacs_tracking_the_trackers?language=en&utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare


The students spent this month mostly working on craft projects, the most popular being Christmas ornaments for teachers, friends, and the library Christmas tree. We also had a wonderful time before school with students participating in Karaoke, and many times it was Christmas Karaoke. Along this line, the RCMS Library was very fortunate in having a DonorsChoose.org project funded. See link here for Ralph Chandler's Got Talent! Also, see the link below to article about the rise of using microphones in the classroom and library for instructional purposes as well as for fun.

On a personal note, it was very sad to learn of the passing of former president, George H. W. Bush. I had the great honor of meeting him in 1985, at NATO Headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium. I had encouraged my students to enter a national essay contest about the importance of NATO in the post WWII era. My student from Rabun Gap School, Christina Murphy, was one of three national winners. Christina, me, and my husband are in this photo to the right (right behind her). We were all invited to meet George and Barbara Bush, who were visiting there at the time. The essay prize was an invitation for an all expenses paid, one week trip, to Brussels, for her and for me, as her teacher---the trip of a lifetime. We were also invited to have tea with Lord Carrington (one of Churchill’s last cabinet ministers), Secretary General of NATO. We had lunch at the officers’ club at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) with Lt. Col. David Pipe of the UK Army...He showed up for lunch in jodhpurs and a riding crop! VP Bush was so sweet to us and very charming. I will always remember his graciousness.

Candace Walton and Christina Murphy meeting Lord Carrington, Secretary General of NATO (left photo) and Vice-President George H. W. Bush, Brussels, Belgium, 1985, at NATO Headquarters.
Come see us in the Ralph Chandler Library!
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Suzette Cornish and Candace Walton

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