Syrian Revolution Project Since the children in syria are exposed to so much violence, will this cause them to want to join a side?

Incubation Stage: The incubation stage of Syria includes the violation of child laws, harsh rules and laws, economic downfall, and etc. The mobility of girls and women are restricted to staying at home and having to avoid school because of fear of all the violence, which increases when perpetrators are not held accountable for their actions towards them. A lot of the people feel they are being treated unfairly and they are not getting the freedom they deserve. There is a large amount of unemployed Syrian youth complained about the lack of jobs, but their cries went unheard.

Syrian police and military

Symptomatic Stage: The first large scale demonstration began in the Syrian city of Deraa on March 15, 2011, also called "Day of Rage". It started after 15 teenagers had been arrested, and possibly tortured, for writing graffiti calling for the resignation of Asaad. They got a new president, he made more strict laws and imprisoned anyone who talked bad about the government. Under Bashar's rule the few select rich that were loyal to him grew richer while the middle class grew poorer. There was a pair of islamic brothers who started protesting against the government and got killed. The Syrian police and military officers arrested thousands of demonstrators, but when the protests continue, the police resorted to violence.


Crisis Stage: This is a civil war because it is being fought between soldiers who support the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, and a group of fighters known as rebels who don't want him to be in power anymore. There is high crime, suicide bombers, violent protests and riots. Chemical weapons were used during some different protest. People and children are being killed and tortured. The violence continues in major cities like Homs, Baniyas, Tafas, Talkalakh, and especially Hama, where the majority of fighting was going on.

Bashar al-Asaad

Convalescence Stage: The convalescence stage includes different things like the chemical weapons. The different chemical weapons are being destroyed by the UN inspectors. The UN is the United Nations. It was created through the adoption of United Nations Security Council resolution. On August 2012, the US had drown a clear red line stating that is Syria used chemical weapons on it's people then there would be severe consequences.

Historical Comparisons: Some similarities between the Syrian revolution and the French and American revolutions include them being civil wars. Each country fought against each other because one side didn't agree with the other. Things are getting better, this includes things with the convalescence stage. with Syria the weapons are being destroyed, with the American revolution they got the constitution and articles of confederation, and with the French they got someone, Napoleon, who could help them win wars and make good choices for them as a whole.

Sources: These sources helped me complete my work.

1) The Syrian Revolution -Mr. Jamieson Block E-. 2) The Syrian Refugee Crisis (November 14) Violations of Children's Rights in Syria: Analysis of the law -Ailbhe Moloney. 3) Children of Syria: Realising Children's Rights ion Syria. Written by: Priyanka Sinha Proofread by: Hannah Maley Review by : Olivier Soret. 4) Causes of the Syrian Civil War and Refugee Crisi Today. By: Ryan Yakubek 5) Syrian Conflict: Why are children so badly affected in Aleppo By: Kevin Ponniah.


Created with images by ErikaWittlieb - "globe map countries" • Beshr Abdulhadi - "Syrian Children" • Kurdishstruggle - "Kurdish YPG Fighters" • Fibonacci Blue - "Protest against Donald Trump" • watchsmart - "Bashar al-Assad propaganda"

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