Photography Is the Only language the entire world can UNDERSTAND by Marian Grskovich

Hello there beautiful people! I really like photography! I have liked taking pictures ever since I was little all because my dad constantly had a camera in his hand. I envied his camera and wanted to take pictures with my dad. Finally, I got a camera of my very own! Photography is important to me because it is a strong connection between me and my dad, and I think that taking pictures truly does make the moment last longer. For instance, if I ever see a really beautiful landscape or flower, I want to remember it because it was truly beautiful, and it's God's creation.

For me personally, I really dig taking pictures when it is wet or foggy outside. The clouds defuse the light, which I think gives the photos a really cool effect.
I especially love taking pictures of my friends because they are all so beautiful and unique. I think that expressions on people's faces tell a story. Even the slightest smile can say so much about a person.

This is a really neat video I took in slow motion. The button below leads to The Slow Mo Guys. They are really cool guys who take slow motion videos of really cool reactions and other things!

Photos are a gift. They can say so many things about an event, person, landscape, etc. It is really quite a miracle that we can capture the things that we see with our own eyes. I'm so grateful that photography exists in this world because it has helped me to appreciate the world more and more. We live in such a beautiful place. Wouldn't you be sad if all this beauty left?

My dog is a beautiful example of all the beauty in this world.

The button below leads to a blog by Joe McNally. He is a famous photographer who travels the world to capture amazing shots. McNally's Photos are incredible pieces of art. I strive to be at his level of photography some day.

Jasmine Star is another really cool photographer who was actually in school to become a lawyer. She dropped out and pursued photography instead. She now has a very successful blog and many social media accounts. Her blogs consist of her life stories, her photos, and some tips on how to get "discovered" in the media world.

"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."

- Elliott Erwitt

Check out my Adobe Spark Video below!


Marian Grskovich

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