Hurricane Ivan of 2004 storm lasted 12 days across 11 countries

The catastrophic event hit Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and other countries. This hurricane occurred September 2-24, 2004

these are the blow holes after the hurricane
These are the blows holes now

This event is weather-related. Originated from a tropical wave. Started as a tropical depression and upgraded to a tropical storm. Cold waters and wind shear mixed together and got stronger over time.

Hurricane Ivan hit the whole Cayman Islands. With a 30 ft wave bashing the Island, it passed over with a speed of 21 mph.

The physical damage done was tree's, houses, cars, beaches, and company buildings over 23 million dollars was spent on houses and buildings .

The land was effected by weathering and tree's and plants dying from too much salt water. Erosion was roads cracking and splitting in half and separating into two pieces dead animals breaking down and making more nutrients

This tree is still growing

The plants grew back over time some are still growing back for 2004 it has been 13 years since the storm and will still be going back

Yes poeple were prepared they had shutters and extra food,water and somewhere safe to stay until the storm passesd over

Airport then and now
Just an extra picture


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