IAMercy Looking back over the last four years

Greetings Friends of IAMercy,

IAMercy is now four years old. As we celebrate I would like to take a moment to look back over the years. Below I have tried to lay out the major steps that have led IAMercy to where it is today. Thank you for the part you have played in making our mission a success.

Pax Christi,

Seth Johnson

IAMercy Begins

June, 2014: I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya for a short trip. I was visiting a group of former street boys I had helped support financially since 2010. This cohort of seven called themselves "The Saint Boys." Thanks to the work of a missionary couple (Chris and Lindy Thompson) they no longer begged or dug through trash for food. They didn't sleep outside anymore either. They lived in a home and had basic necessities provided.

However, by 2014 there had been no missionary consistently on the ground for years to look after the wellbeing of the Saint Boys. As a result, they were not being cared for appropriately. While I was in Kenya I felt God calling me to come and be a father to the boys.

August, 2014: Upon returning to the States I asked a group of trusted friends and counselors to sit on the Board of a new charity. Together, we started a Christian non-profit called International Alliance for Mercy, Inc. (popularly known as IAMercy). Before moving to Nairobi I began raising funds for IAMercy's first major program: The Saint Boys Project.

The Saint Boys Project

October/November, 2014: I moved to Nairobi, found an apartment, and began life with the Saint Boys.

Within a few months they started calling me "Dad."

The Saint Boys Project became (in essence) the Johnson family.

We have now been doing life together as a family for years.

Younger Sons Come, Older Sons Graduate

After I had been in Nairobi for a little over a year God began to bring younger sons, like John, into my home. John joined the Johnson family around Christmas of 2015.

And then there was Branton. He came into the family around the holiday season of 2016.

Meanwhile older sons (like Chinji) graduated and moved into their adult lives. Chinji graduated in October of 2015 and moved out to start his life in November of the same year.

Vincent and Julius followed him a couple years later, in 2017.

So now the Johnson home looks a good bit different than it did in 2014. But, The Saint Boys Project is still going strong, supporting my current household in Nairobi.

IAMercy continues to receive funds to empower The Saint Boys Project. Please consider giving and financially partnering with us in this endeavor.

The Daily Bread Project

March, 2015: Not long after I moved to Nairobi my family and I began regularly walking to the mall near our home. Street boys begged from us, saying things like "Help me with food. Help me with water." After a few months of this we started a Gospel and feeding program for children who still live on the streets or who are otherwise in situations of dire poverty. This program came to be called The Daily Bread Project.

Physical Bread

When we started the feedings the Saint Boys served the boys who were still on the streets.

In the early days the boys ate egg sandwiches and drank juice. The ministry took place on the side of the street.

12 street boys showed up on the weekend the feeding commenced.

Now we meet at "Mama John's" in the Kawangware slum of Nairobi.

Mama John lets us use her small building and we buy the kids warm meals like beans and rice.

We started with just boys. Now many girls from an impoverished background also come.

We began by serving 12. Now approximately 70 people attend the feedings.

Spiritual Bread

Pastor Noah joined us early on, in 2015. He helps us care for the physical and spiritual needs of the kids who come to the feedings.

In 2018 coach Nicholas Ochieng joined the team. "Coach" assists Noah in making sure that the Gospel goes out - and that the kids have fun as it does!

We have worked through the books of Matthew and Luke at the feedings. We are on Mark now. As children have heard the Gospel many have made professions of faith and we have baptized them.

As these same children continue under IAMercy's care we get the joy of discipling them in their relationship with Christ.

The Daily Bread Project is an ongoing ministry. Please consider giving so that IAMercy can continue to grow this program. For more information please watch the video below.

The IAMercy Village

Caring for Mamas and their Children

June, 2018: IAMercy launched The IAMercy Village. This is a new project intended to help us care for the holistic needs of desperately poor families. Pictured here are Janet and her children.

Janet's children were abandoned by their father (Janet's husband) eight years ago. Janet took a job in security to help her family survive. But when she became very sick the kids had to drop out of school. The children became the breadwinners, taking packs of peanuts to town to sell them. They started coming to The Daily Bread Project around the holidays in 2017. Now IAMercy is caring for the the food, shelter, clothing, and education needs of this family in The IAMercy Village.

We are also caring for Fidelis and her small daughters. Fidelis' husband is an addict who eventually abandoned her. She is illiterate and was reduced to begging and washing clothes for a pittance. Now Fidelis and her daughters are in The IAMercy Village. We are helping them to live with dignity. Food, shelter, and clothing are provided and we and have begun investing in the education of the older daughter.

Taking Boys off the Street

The IAMercy Village also has a home for boys and young men.

Janet and Fidelis each have their own housing. The boys and young men have their own place too where they can live together as brothers. Each family unit comes together for a common meal in the evening.

The goal for these young men is that they will gain appropriate levels of education (whether it be formal education or trade skills).

We desire to see them become godly and self-sustaining men. Our hope is that they will gain the skills needed to care for their own families and give back to their communities in the future.

But we need your help. In order to take the IAMercy Village to the next level - where we can help up to 30 people holistically - we need you to be generous. At this season we not only look back at what God has done through us in the past. We look forward to what He may yet do. Will you join us? Please consider giving to IAMercy so that together we can fund these projects into the future.

What Is IAMercy?

For a video presentation of IAMercy's values, major projects, and practical ministry over the last four years please watch the short film below. To learn more about IAMercy please visit the website. I also invite you to email me at seth@iamercy.org with any questions you may have.

Mercy starts with you.

Seth Johnson

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