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The childhood dream, join a band, get signed and play Wembley Stadium. Goals change, life gets busy but the dream never dies. Fortunately these days we can create our own labels, produce and record our own masterpieces. This is Hidden Droids, a Record Label ready to listen and provide an outlet to other likeminded Artists.


Dusty Wagon aka Nick Young

Latest Release

Dusty Wagon returns with 7 new tracks plus 5 remastered alternate versions from the vault. A return to a full spectrum of instruments and vocals across the Electronic/Rock/Pop genres. Completely Written, Recorded and Produced by Nick Young (even a rare Guitar solo)

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Previous Releases

Seen as a follow up to previous album Commuters, Carriage was recorded entirely on an iPad Pro using Korg Gadget. Gritty Bass lines and distorted Organs give this release a 70's inspired cinematic cop chase feel.

Genre: Electronic

Released 23/12/2016: Apple Amazon Google Spotify Deezer

Commuters shows a shift toward electronic from Dusty Wagon, it's an Album entirely created using an iPad Pro, the Korg Gadget App and a Long Commute from Hastings to London.

Genre: Electronic

Released 11/03/2016: Apple Amazon Google Spotify Deezer

And I was Like is a real mixed bag of guitar/piano ballads to lo-fi rock and experimental electronic. The 13 tracks capture emotions from leaving London and new inspiration from life on the coast.

Genre: Lo-Fi, Electronic, Rock, Pop

Released 12/03/2011: Apple Amazon Google Spotify Deezer

Pause The Bells is really the starting point for the pseudo name Dusty Wagon, it was the start of the alt country inspirational phase. Suffering from Bells Palsy whilst writing many of the songs, this album captures the desperation and helplessness at a time of high creativity.

Genre: Alt-Country, Lo-Fi

Released 12/03/2011: Apple Amazon Google Spotify Deezer

The second collection of demos, unfinished ideas and tracks with no home. They may be a little rough around the edges but they are no less loved by Nick Young's Tonic View.

Genre: Lo-Fi, Experimental, Electronic, Pop

Released 12/03/2002: Apple Amazon Google Spotify Deezer

Nick Young's Tonic View Volume One is probably not the best place to start your Dusty Wagon adventure but it's definitely an album to visit for real insight. This is a collection of demos and early workings spanning many years and techniques.

Genre: Lo-Fi, Experimental, Electronic, Pop

Release 12/03/2001: Apple Amazbon Google Spotify Deezer

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