Being 15 in Russia by vicky najera period 5


Did you know that Russia is 6.602 million mi^2 and it is home to the largest McDonald's with 700 seats accompanied! and in the 9th century the vikings took over Russia adopting customs and languages that have been passed on to Russian culture. did you know that their over 10 million more women in Russia that men. and that it is the 2nd largest oil producers

Being 15 in Russia is stressful and full of unknowns because of family and culture

say if your were to date someone with an ethnic background not of your own is very disrespectful to your family as stated in the "Global Road Warrior"-"inter-cultural marriages are very common in the Russian society" and since its very typical to have a marriages or relationships in Russia wanting to fit in and making your family happy would cause some stress.

some cool parts of being in Russia might be that your family is really close and do not limit their love to their spouse and children alone also stated in ""-"Russian families are large and friendly the meaning of the family in Russia is not limited to husband, wife and children it stretches to include grandparents, aunts, and uncles." which would indicate the unknown part of living in Russia because even though Russian life can be stressful its still full of opportunities to be great.

i really enjoy all the things russian things like to do socialize and go out with friends and i can really relate to them because i love every single person in my family. As stated in :AFS Intercultural programs " Russian teens like to hang out with friends and go to school dances."

Through this process bu making a connection i understood that life in russia is cool but it does all depend on where you come from that makes all the difference because of the vast variety of parts in russia.

Russian map

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