More than a Safety Net

How following Adverse Action procedures helped a man clear his name and find a job.

The importance and impact of following compliance guidelines of adverse action can have huge impacts. We run reports on hopeful job applicants all day and do our due diligence to verify and confirm each hit, delivering the most accurate reports to our clients.

But sometimes we get calls. Sometimes we uncover mistakes that have been left in place by other CRAs who did not provide their clients with the proper tools or training to follow through with adverse action notices. And, sometimes, a background report can uncover the answer to the question: “Why can’t I find a job?”

Recently, a gentleman, who made it through the interview round with one of our clients, was undergoing a standard pre-employment background check. We ran the checks, salted the reports and returned the final back to the client.

The report ultimately resulted in a pre-adverse action based on the findings. It was a scenario the applicant had faced over and over again. But this time, our client followed the guidelines and sent a pre-adverse action letter notifying him of their intent and provided copies of the reports.

Following the adverse action recommendations unlocked the mystery of why, after so many interviews, the applicant never received an offer letter. AmericanChecked’s reports uncovered that he was living a second life full of criminal activity and he knew nothing about it.

After months of not understanding why he could not find a job, the applicant finally had an answer: his brother, who had been in trouble with the law several times, used the applicant's social security number and name whenever he was arrested.

As part of the adverse action letter, we always supply individuals with the appropriate AmericanChecked contact information to dispute items found on a report. When he called to find answers to his questions, our team of FCRA-certified customer support professionals walked him through the process of what he needed to fix the information on his record.

He was able to clear his name and his background report. We notified our client who originally requested the order, re-ran the check and the report came back clean. They hired him for the original job he interviewed for and put an end to the long cycle of rejection.

Taking one extra step, where so many others didn’t, helped to correct the course of this man’s life, setting him up for opportunity instead of rejection. As AmericanChecked’s President Julie Hakman says, at the end of the day, it truly is about people.

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