The first full week of the Spring term! Bodachs and boars...

We finished last term by completing our games set in Ancient Egypt at the time of King Narmer.
Let’s get a few of the stand alone images in first. Our science this term is around living things, moving on to clarifying different animals and plants as hopefully, this will help us with our mantle story later on!

On Wednesday afternoons, we are going to try having Genius Hour. Children have thought about something they are interested in that they are not learning about in school and they will explore that further whether is is making a short film about fashion, a podcast about space or a new bin design!

A dance instructor from Dance North East came in to work with us on Wednesday. And will be with us for the rest of this half term.
Maths this half term will cover multiplying and dividing, 2D shapes with angles and calculating areas.
Our English has been based on an old myth called Cuhlwch (yes I have spelled that correctly!) and the Great Boar. We have tried telling the story in our own words. We were looking at this story because it linked to...
...it linked with our class reader called the Walking Stones. The story was originally called the Bodach and is about a valley in the highlands of Scotland about to be flooded and the impact this has on those living in the valley and of course in the surrounding area too. The Bodach is a great teller of stories, like the one about Culhwch! We chose this as our class reader because it links with...
After a chat about where our water comes from and how it gets to the tap, we had a look at the graph shows that water use around the 1950’s around the world suddenly increased.
We then looked at the two pieces of text and had a think about what the plan might be. We looked at a character sitting at a desk and noticed that she worked for the Water Resources Board and that she was looking at a map on her desk.
We had a closer look at her map and realised it of an area called Kielder Forest. Some of us know it as the area years 5 and 6 go to... We used SeeSaw to label our further ideas as to what we could see on the map. We realised we needed to get more practice at map reading! Hopefully, some links will have been made as to what might happen next!