Welcome to Year 4 2021 -2022

Hello and Welcome back to school and Year 4! We hope you have all had a wonderful summer holidays and are rested and ready for all the exciting things we have planned this year!

This page is full of useful information about Year 4 and our plans for the Autumn Term.

Voyage of Discovery

Our topic title for the Autumn Term is 'Voyage of Discovery'. In the next few sections we will outline a little bit about the things we will be exploring and learning about. We don't want to give too much away, as it is lovely to build some anticipation and excitement into each week. We did have some input from the children during our transition session in the Summer, but if they have thought of any other ideas, please encourage them to share them with us, either in class or on Google Classroom.

Language, Literacy and Communication

During the Autumn term we will be covering a variety of literacy activities, including exploring and creating simile poetry, story writing (Change Tales and Quest Tales) and non-fiction writing, in the form of report writing and instructions.

We will continue to build on our Welsh second language skills, with our focus this term on the patterns used in everyday communication and adding detail to describe in the first person (moving onto third person later in the year).

We will also be introducing a new Welsh friend to the classroom, who is going to help us develop our language skills and collaborate together.

Maths and Numeracy

We will begin by building on our knowledge of place value by working with numbers up to five digits. We will double and half by using the diamond shape and will build on our knowledge of adding and subtracting in columns using the formal written methods. We will continue to develop our quick recall of the times tables (2,3,4,5,6, 10) and will use this to solve problems including those with remainders. We will multiply larger numbers using the grid method and tell the time to the nearest minute. We will also be calculating area and perimeter, measuring to the nearest mm and reading and interpreting data.


Linking in with our topic, we will be exploring the life and times of the Vikings. The children have already shared some fantastic ideas for things they would like to research and find out more about, including how Vikings lived and why they invaded. We will also find out about the world's oceans and the different layers within the oceans, as well as plastic pollution and ocean acidity.

We are always looking at connections and linking our learning across other AoLE, including Expressive Art, where we will be interested in jewellery and adornments worn in Viking times, as well as creating our own Viking related artwork.

Expressive Arts

Our art sessions will explore Vikings and their art, including Viking Long ships, sculptures, jewellery and adornments. We will be researching designs, word meanings, shape and the use behind different pieces; before using our research as inspiration to design and create our own.

We will also be continuing to enhance our Eco-school learning, Adobe Spark skills and Outdoor learning during this term, linking to our Science & Technology aquatic biome, pollution and Climate Change.

Health & Well-Being

Our PE days in Year 4 are a Monday and a Thursday, so please come to school wearing suitable clothing and footwear to participate in a range of exercise, fitness, outdoor, problem solving and sporting activities.

We will aim to spend time outdoors whenever possible, so please ensure as we move into the Autumn weather, that children bring a suitable waterproof coat to school.

Science & Technology

Linking with our Humanities learning, we will be studying the aquatic biome including habitats, life cycles, food chains and how plants and animals have adapted to changing conditions. We will find out about how humans affect the planet and the sustainability of the oceans as we know and love them. We will also spend some time looking at materials and their properties. We will continue to develop our use of ICT by sending and receiving emails, working creatively on Adobe Spark and coding using Scratch. We will also found out about digital footprints and choosing suitable websites for research.

Finally, as we move towards the end of the Autumn Term, we will again be combining our creative and technology skills, to design and make items for our school enterprise sale. After our fantastic success in Enterprise Troopers last year, we are excited to bring new ideas and creativity to the project!


Following a pause to the school uniform and school shoe policy during the Summer Term, the policy is now active again, so please ensure children are corrected dressed for school, with jumpers and cardigans clearly labelled. A suitable water bottle (with a secure lid) may be used during the school day.

Due to the ongoing Covid regulations, no pencil cases or stationery should be brought into school from home. All required equipment will be provided by school.

We are a nut free and healthy school, so break time snacks must help us to fulfill these aims. No nuts or products that contain nuts should be brought for break or lunchtime. At morning break time, we encourage a healthy fruit or vegetable snack; no yo-yos or cereal bars are allowed.

Mrs Smith and Mrs Jenkins are looking forward to spending time with all the children over the next few weeks. We will begin our time in Year 4 by completing some of the fantastic Usk Show competitions, getting to know the children as individuals and bonding as a class. This year Mrs Smith will be in school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Mrs Jenkins will be in school on a Thursday and a Friday. If you wish to email us, our contact emails are smitha215@hwbcymru.net and jenkinss120@hwbcymru.net or if your request is more urgent, please contact the school office. Thank you.

Finally, don't forget to join our Twitter page: Year 4 Raglan Mrs Smith and Mrs Jenkins


Let's make this a year to remember!


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