Tattoos on the Heart By: Kenzie Scholl

In chapter 1 the theme is of God our Father. It talks of the difficulties our life can bring and how we shall never lose faith. To me Faith is keeping trust in God through the good and rough times. My favorite story in this chapter is when the reporter, Mike Wallace comes to Homeboy Industries and thinks of all of the people there as monsters. Later on, he realizes he was proved wrong. This story speaks to me because you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Instead always have faith and trust like we do in God with others.
In chapter 5 the theme is slow work. Slow work to me means the working of God throughout our lives. My favorite story in this chapter is of David and his recovery program. In this chapter there is a quote, "It takes what it takes." This tells me that we have to wait and be patient for the workings of God in our lives.
In chapter 3 the theme is compassion and to me it means wanting to help someone in need or with misfortune. In this chapter we hear of Betito and teachings his my by far my favorite story. He is a kid who is funny and outgoing which brings joy to Greg. While Greg suffers the loss of Betito, many bring compassion to him and help him with misfortune. This chapter spoke to me and relates to me because I have gone through loss and compassion is one of the greatest things someone could give to me.


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