Etiquette By: Bethany Knowlton

A tea party was their time to socialize and enjoy each others company.

  • For their entertainment they would socialize in a general conversation or they would have someone to play music for them.
  • If you were invited to a tea party it was rude to bring your friends.
  • If you were a Mom and you had a big family you were only able to bring up to two of your daughters with you.

The etiquette was important to them while they walked and the way they presented themselves so it could show how beautiful the human body was constructed.

  • If you walked the proper way then your body weight would flow and look balanced.
  • If you walked slouched forward it would throw your weight off balance and look like you are trying to climb up a hill.
  • When walking they believed that wast he best way to show off how beautiful the human body was made.
  • The best exercise was walking because it brought all the muscles in the body to work.

When they had conversations there were a lot of rules you had to follow in order to show respect to the other person.

  • Don't make any rude comments or say anything rude.
  • Whispering to them is impolite.
  • It's not right to talk the whole time, let the other person talk too.
  • Teasing and making fun of someone should be avoided.
  • If you are asked to join a conversation, you should always join.
  • Always think twice before you speak, so you don't have any regrets on something you said that was not right.


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