Stop College Drinking Alcohol on the campus leads to an increase in injuries for both drinking and non-drinking students.

While it may seem as though college drinking is no big deal, it is actually the opposite. The harm and injuries that come from drinking are far worse than many students believe. Because student's don't understand the severity of drinking, alcohol needs to be prohibited on campuses.

Once the party is over and the alcohol has been drunk, the reality that comes with drinking sinks in.

One way drinking can cause harm to students is through drinking and driving.

Drunk and even tipsy driving can cause injuries to students who have been drinking as well as those who have not.

Drinking students take the lives of themselves and others into their hands the moment they pick up a set of car keys.

Another way the allowance of alcohol harms students is through making them more susceptible to violence and rape.

The allowance of alcohol on college campuses lead to the harm of all students.

To put students at less of a risk for harm, colleges should prohibit the allowance of alcohol on college campuses.

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