Network News State of the NEWS Media 2016



Views have increased by 1% with a total of 24 million people watching the three networks. This may be in part of big news stories such as Charlie Hebdo and a jury being chosen for the Boston Bombings.

Viewership Patterns

Stable for evening newscasts

Increase in Sunday morning political shows

Decrease in morning newscasts and news magazine programming

Who is this guy?

Brian Williams lied about his service in the Iraq War in 2003. As a result, he was suspended from the network for seven months, and was reassigned to MSNBC. Because of his actions, NBC lost 4% of their viewers- viewers who quickly started tuning in to ABC and CBS.


With morning shows down 2%, as well as news magazine programming down 5%, what is left to do?

Networks such as NBCUniversal have moved towards a more digital audience by investing in companies such as Vox and BuzzFeed.

The upside

Advertising during these programsĀ is up 12% since 2012, allowing companies to profit and grow their presence in our society. This allows for NBC, ABC, and CBS to stay afloat and make up for loss of viewers.

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