Micro-Pigs Shania Woods

Micropigs were created with the genes of a very specific breed of pigs called Bama. Bama pigs are very small and scientist's in China have found that they could be a breakthrough for geonomic sequencing.

Beijing's Geonomic Institute wanted to create micropigs as models for human disease. They extracted genes from the Bama pig and put them in a pregnant pig to create micropigs.

The pro's of GMO's are

  • Supplies nutrients most people lack in everyday food items.
  • Larger food supply.
  • Reduces rotting and foods being eaten by insects.

The con's of GMO's are

  • New allergic reactions that come up because the original organism was changed.
  • There may be long term effects that we do not know about.
  • The organism may get out into the wild and ruin ecosystems because of their difference.

I believe that GMO's need some more research but all in all they are a great thing. They help the economy more than they hurt it so that's a plus. GMOs are a good thing to have around.

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