Judaism kyle bohne

The Known founder of Judaism is Abraham, Abraham is the father of Judaism he was born around 4,000 years ago. Jewish people have a covenant with god,(the picture above is the Star of David ,the star of David supposedly represents the shape of king Davids shield)

Jewish people believe in one god, God will someday send a messiah who will redeem the Jewish people from exile and usher in an era of world peace

The Jewish religion has 4 sects those sect consist of orthodox , reform conservative, reconstructionist, the first three are the most known but orthodox is the most known out of all them. Orthodox Jews are guided by the 13 principles of Judaism, Reform - Jewish denomination whichs the evolving nature of the religion

The key holidays of the Jewish religion are Hankkah, Yom kippur and rush hashanah Hanuhkka is the commemorating of the holy temple in jerusalum, yom kippur is the purpose to reflect on the last year and gain forgiveness from god and Rash hashanah is the jewish new year


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