Clockwork Perfection at its Finest.

We strive for perfection. Everything and everyone has a proper place.

Our lives may seem messy, but we all work together to achieve complete perfection.


To follow the rules is not optional.

Everyone is required to wear a uniform. This way no one feels inferior. Looks are not important but you must always be put together and presentable.

Everyone must maintain a healthy diet and have an hour of exercise each day so our community stays in shape.

Education is one of the highest priorities of the community, and is to be taken seriously. Everyone is required to go to school from ages four to eighteen. Then, they will be evaluated to get a job or continue their education at the University. Only University graduates will become the community's future leaders.

You are only to use what you need. This way we maintain a minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyle.

You must participate in the community. We work for a cause. We are a part of something bigger than ourselves.This way we are all united and know one another. We aspire to be like a family.

No weapons are allowed. They are unnecessary because we are well-protected and this way violence is avoided entirely.

Everyone is required to do 5 hours of community service each week to fill their life with purpose.

Everyone is to work after their education ends. They are given a break on Saturdays and Sundays to spend time with family and friends to strengthen relationships.

Everyone must adhere to the following personality traits before they are presented with their job: resilience, courage, balance, self-confidence, integrity, and compassion. Most importantly, they must not only be knowledgeable but have acquired wisdom. This way we can lead positive, influential lives.

There is no failure. Mistakes are allowed but they must be fixed. We are the privileged, the finest, the elite. We do not believe in failure, only mistakes.


Clockwork is on an unknown country that is not charted on maps. This is so we do not have intruders and we are able to live life without the stresses of the world.


We live our lives with order. A typical day in Clockwork would look like this:

7:00am Wake up and get ready for the day

7:30am Breakfast with family

8:00am Enrichment Time (any activities that stimulate the brain such as music, meditating, exercise, etc.)

9:00am Kids go to school and adults go to work

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm Kids go back to school and adults go back to work

2:00pm Community service and free time

5:00pm Dinner with family

5:30pm Hobbies (this is time to do what you love and develop your strengths and talents)

8:30pm Family Council (to talk with one another and improve)

9:00pm Spend time at home (young kids go to bed at this time)

10:00pm Ceremony or Assembly with the community (changes each night)

11:00pm Return to home (children ages 12-18 go to bed)

12:00am Lights out


In Clockwork, the government is an Oligarchy. The government is based on the founding beliefs of achieving greatness and perfection. A small group of individuals called the Council make the decisions for the community. Each member has attended and graduated from the University. They are the best of the best. The citizens of Clockwork can submit ideas to the Council and they will consider the suggestion.


Our community is the privileged, the finest, the elite. We can make you a part of something bigger than yourself. However, we do not want to persuade you to join our community. We want those who want what we do. A perfect life.

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