Tour of the Harn Jonathan Kash

The Raven

This piece of artwork caught my eye as the technique was considerably different from the others. From a picture the design may not look intricate, but in person you can tell the artist went into great detail. The artist was able to create this image with only the color black on a canvas, which is different than most of the other works of art on display. It communicated that simplicity still has its purpose, and sometimes is needed to achieve a big accomplishment.

The Paula and Marshal Criser Garden

I found this exhibit to be appealing as it is open and has natural sunlight. I feel like this is a good use of space, and it makes me feel at inner peace.


I am a very methodical person, and being an engineer, I like to plan things out. These piece of artwork is of a city map in very intricate details and labeling. It helps me better appreciate my values of planning, and showing how it could be useful.

Jefferson Market Courthouse

This piece of art is warm and inviting. However, the building in the middle is sort of a misfit as it is the only bright building illustrated. It makes me appreciate the theme of misfitting, and showing that being different is not always bad.


Created with images by jared422_80 - "Gainesville - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art"

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