Top 10 Portfolio Julie Walter

Abstract Drawing

We started out drawing our favorite animal with no constraints, however, the more we drew, the less amount of times we were allowed to lift our pencils. By the last drawing, we were unable to lift our pencils at all which resulted in an abstract design. This assignment was amusing to me because of my apparent lack of talent in the artistic department.

3D project

The 3D project was a great learning experience. We chose a group based on similar views regarding what the perfect childhood toy would be. Our idea was to create a childhood toy to teach children how to read and spell by making an interactive game. We came across a few obstacles but once we learned how to work as a team we were able to complete a finished product and learn how to laser cut like pros.

Empathy Poem

"I feel sad and taken for granted, strangers sit on me with no remorse. They twirl and they scoot, it isn't until after they leave that I can finally breathe."

Perspective Project

We were instructed to take a close up picture of an object in the classroom and then find a similar object out in nature. I chose to take a picture of the U on the podium, and compared that to sticks I found outside of my work. I liked this project because it was interesting to observe nature instead of taking it for granted.

Non Dominant Name Tag Drawing

On the first day of class we were instructed to write our names and draw a picture to help the rest of the class remember them, the catch was to do all of this with our bad hand. My nickname is Jules which is why I "attempted" to draw a jewel.


We drew a random design and then cut the outline together to form a shape. Then we cut out some of the outline and reattached in to the paper in a new way. We then traced the shape several times on a new piece of paper to create a more complex pattern. It was interesting to see how a simple piece of paper could be translated into a piece of art so quickly.

Name Game

All the students were assigned a group at random at the beginning of the semester and told to learn each other's name by playing a hand-eye coordination game. We created a pattern in which we threw a ball and then increased the speed and number of balls. It was a silly and fun way to learn everyone's name and a great way to shake up our day. Most classes students have to sit and listen to a lecture, but this game was an enjoyable change of pace.

Tall Paper Structure

The first day of class I walked in, and on the board, it said: "make the tallest sculpture you can using this piece of paper." I noticed a few other people were rolling up the paper and standing it up, so I followed their example and did the same. I remember feeling very confused and insecure. I didn't know anyone so when Jimmy grabbed the tallest object in the room and began building from there it was easier to help him than to create my smaller sculpture. This project was the perfect way to start off the semester.

Childhood Toy

Both of my parents are scientists and growing up my favorite childhood toy was an anatomically correct and interactive game to learn the primary functions of the body. We then paired up with someone in class to learn what their favorite toy was. It was intriguing to hear different stories about my peer's childhood. We were also pushed to think about why the toy we picked was our favorite, which is not something I had ever considered.

Creativity Timeline

The class was instructed to draw a timeline depicting our creativity over our lives. On the left, I draw a picture of my mother and I because she used to inspire me to be as creative as possible. Then I drew a notebook because I used to write short stories in elementary school. Next, I drew a computer because my first laptop was used to edit photos, videos and to write poems. When I was eleven, I moved to Belgium where I had to be creative in how I communicated since I didn't speak the language. A few years later I became a gymnastics coach, depicted with two stick figures the older one coaching and the gymnast upside on the bars, which was a real test of creativity and patience. Lastly, I drew a gator to show how creativity is tied to education.


Created with images by zeevveez - "Kinetic Wall" • Unsplash - "pencil crayon colored" • dgbury - "3d" • Pexels - "adult blur book" • carmen677 - "stamens flower purple" • Childrens Book Review - "Hamster - Kids Drawing" • Realme - "floor tiles tesselated" • seefit - "Coloured Balls" • Unsplash - "architecture skyscraper urban" • GlitterandFrills - "pirate girl" • renaissancechambara - "Nike neon timeline 1973"

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