Duskfall By: Christopher Husberg; Read by : Edward Fass

Duskfall is a book that switches perspectives from Knot, an assassin, prismancer, and husband. who has lost his memory, Winter, an tiellan otherwise known an elf who is married to Knot and also a prismancer.

The story starts when Winter and her family find Knot floating shot with arrows and freezing in the middle of the ocean. The then one year later while Knot and Winter are getting married a band of green cultist attack Knot calling him Lathe. The story then continues as Knot leaves to try to find about his past and encounters many strange and magical creatures from befriending vampires to battling dwarfs. But can he stop the rising of the Dusk?


I would recommend the book to all fantasy lovers, people who like magic, and those people who like epic fight scenes. The plot overall would be enjoyed by people who like little down time and mainly action. The ending like most successful book series ends on a confusing cliffhanger that really annoys readers like me because it's a brand new series and the next book doesn't come out until June 2017 so like every other book series i'm reading the next book has yet to come out. That aside the overall plot is well constructed and has sharp turns in every direction. Then again the plot twists aren't nearly as dramatic or spastic as the ones that exist in the Night Angel series (which is also still not finished). But in conclusion a great book overall and one that was well constructed.

"Farewell My children. Until we meet again. I'll see you at the Nexus of dark energy." -THe Black Mist

"A delicious mix of Jason Bourne, dark fantasy, and horror. The kind of debut that has me thrilled for the future of fantasy" -Steve Diamond author of Residue

"A fascinating mystery that slowly unfolds, and cultures and religions in conflict." Melinda Sondgrass author of The Edge of Reason

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