The Real Slim Shady evil brecken

Evil Brecken is one of those poems I think that you send home to read, but make sure not to read out loud in the classroom. When I first read this poem, and when I read it for the 5th time, I’m still admittingly stuck on what the poem even means. Could it be the strange sex life of the poet? Or maybe the violence of a bad relationship? Do we even want to know?

The only reason I enjoyed this poem was because when I read it out loud (to myself where no one could hear) the lines really flowed and sounded pleasing. Strangely enough it reminded me of older rap music, not that I know any more than a few famous Eminem songs, but I couldn’t help myself and I ended up reading it aloud with a beat in the background.

I wonder if the only thing that separates rap and poetry is the music in the background, but, if that were the case one could theoretically make a flaming hot music video of a Wordsworthian poem, which seems unlikely. Unless of course there are bonus points involved which would make me seriously consider creating a music video for my final project. I was tempted to Photoshop some gangster glasses on Wordsworth but adobe Photoshop took too long to download.


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