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Anne Lamott wrote, in detail, about how she gets words onto a page. As much as I enjoyed reading about her process and what goes through her mind, I can't say I do anything similar to her. From freaking out about writer's block and failure to hating criticism, Lamott explains the anxiety-filled steps to writing her first, second, and third drafts.

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My process of writing is mostly different from Lamott's. When I sit down to write, I usually have a plan in my head. But, unlike Lamott who writes for publication and/or fun, my writing usually consists of assignments for academia that I have been instructed to do. The thoughts that go through my head are usually, "What is the prompt asking?", "What do I know to answer this question?", "How do I begin?". Though the blinking cursor stares back at me like its the computer screen's heart beat, I don't psych myself out and think of things such as orthodontia or my finances. I simply put the words in my head on the screen. Writer's block reminds me of the episode of Spongebob Squarepants when Spongebob has a deadline to write an essay and the only word he can think of is "The". Though I have run into this block before, I can't say it is a reoccurring issue for me.

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I usually don't write in drafts. Reason being mostly because of the lack of time being in college gives me, but even if I did have enough time, I don't think I would. I am a very strategic person when it comes to my school work so I like to get things done in the easiest, most efficient way. To me, I would rather write my essay, proofread it, and go back to fix the errors. I do know that my first draft won't be the best and should be improved, but writing the whole thing again from beginning to end is very time consuming and frustrating.

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