EDIM510 Critical Evaluation


For this week’s assignment on critical evaluation there are many thoughts that cross one’s mind. How do we critically evaluate an online resource? Which component in the critique is more important than the other? Should we stress one over another when we ask our students to think about the pieces while evaluating a website for use in research? I choose a list of six components. I asked my fellow classmates to gauge what one they felt was the most important piece in evaluation.

Creative Commons licensing is such a great idea for the world and more importantly, our students. As discussed, students are afraid of learning the proper way to use materials found online. They believe it is too hard to do it the right way. Creative Commons makes it an easier process to actually use digital media while giving credit to owners. Teachers should invest the short amount of time needed to review the ways Creative Commons material can be used in their works. Students will benefit from actually following the rules without stressing breaking them. Teachers can trust their students will strive to comply with licensing rules and regulations. A win-win situation for all!

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