color : the pigment of life

he/she used only bright colors

shape : the thing that builds 2D life

he/she used cylinders to build a stream of straw

form: the block that builds 3D life

he/she used a 3D position to create form

line: the drawn stroke that can be zigged-zagged or curved

he/she uses diagonal and vertical lines

Texture : the feeling to want to feel the painting

he/she used bumps to form texture

value : the darkness and brightness of life

he/she used a dark foreground and bright background

space : the feeling of emptiness in life

he/she used space by adding space around the moon

RhyThm : The Same In Life

he/she used rhythmic bubbles

unity : the only main thing of life

he/she used only birds in this pic

movement : what makes us move (of course)

he/she made it look like it's moving

balance : makes everything fair

he/she used balance by only using white lines

contrast : the diffrence between two or more things

he/she used black and white with white and black

emphasis : the eye-catching thing

I saw the kid behind the the smaller kid

Created By
Gage Kubin


Created with images by Beano Burnett - "Colour!" • MeHe - "reed beach shoreline" • cocoparisienne - "flower flowers nature" • nblumhardt - "Lines" • puppaluppa - "Texture" • Podknox - "Lifting A Mercedes ML 320 (W163)" • Capt' Gorgeous - "Not another moon pic!!" • jean-- - "Cannes" • VinothChandar - "Unity!!!" • - "iy7072.JPG" • T0MF17Z - "Fan" • Martyn Wright - "our ickle puddytat Tinkerbelle. Those eyes!!" • Јerry - "Jack and Dylan..."

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