South Africa 377-396

Land forms and Bodies of Water

  • In South Africa several of the countries are very large, this means there will be a large amounts of land forms and bodies of water.
  • The Cape Cod of Good Hope at the tip of the continent is considered where the two oceans meet.
  • The islands of south Africa makes up only 1,800 square feet this means it is smaller than the state of Delaware.
Coast of Africa

Land forms

  • In South Africa mountain peeks can rise to about 11,000 FT(3,353 m) high.
  • If south Africa's physical geography would be described in one word it would be HIGH.
  • Between the escarpment and the Atlantic Ocean there lays a strip of land called the Namib this is around 80 to 100 miles wide.
Atlantic coastline.

Bodies of Water

  • The Orange River in Southern Africa is the second longest-longest river.
  • The regions third-longest river is the Limpopo flows eastward in a large arc along the south Africa's border near Botswana and and Zimbabwe.
  • Victoria falls into a gorge that is nearly a mile high.
Which type of land form is common in South Africa?-Mr.Cook
High mountains,Long rivers,and High plateaus.-Devin Smith

Climate-Tropical Zone.

  • The Tropic of Capricorn crosses the middle of Southern Africa.
  • Average temperatures range from 60*F to 70*F.
  • However temperatures on the highest days can exceed to over 100*F.

Temperate zones

  • Rainfall in some parts of South Africa can go as high as 8 in however in some areas it can go as high as 24 in.
  • Like most of these areas it mostly falls during the summer time.
  • However in some parts droughts can last several years. But not everywhere

Desert regions

  • Along the coast of South Africa,Namib gets very little rain.
  • Also along the coast temperatures are around 48-68*F.
  • in The areas of Namib it can get as hot as 80-100*F.
Why are temperatures in South Africa's tropical region generally hot.
Because it's near the equator duh.
What natural resources are normally found in South Africa?
Platinum, Chromium, and Gold.

South Africa's resources

  • The republic of South Africa has some of the most important minerals in the world.
  • This area has attracted tourists and workers from all around the world.

Energy resources

  • In Africa the regions rivers can also provide a variety of resources.
  • Unfortunately deforestation has caused a loss of resources. On the bright side sediment is forced into rivers allowing rivers to rise up in case of a drought if that makes sense.


  • Poachers-people who kill elephants and take there horns for money.Are a big problem in Africa and this is not a good thing elephants could eventually become endangered.
how does deforestation effect Africa's energy?
Wildlife would be cut down. and Possibly cutting down resources used for energy. Like wood for burning.

Lesson 2-Rise of Kindoms

  • In Africa trade is a big part of their culture.

Great Zimbabwe

  • Zimbabwe comes from the Shona tribe around 900 A.D.
  • Great Zimbabwe was the largest city at the time.

The Matupa Empire

  • When the Portuguese arrived they took the trade routes over.
  • They slowly took control of everything in this region.

Other Kingdoms

  • A series of Kingdoms rose and fell during the early 900 A.D.s
  • France came in and made it a French possession in 1895.

European Colonies

  • Around the 1500's the Portuguese started settling along the coast of South Africa.

Clashes in the South

  • The Dutch word for farmers is Boers.
  • The Africans also did not like the Dutch very well.

The Union of the South

  • Thousands of British colonies where settling in the 1500's also.

Colonialism in other Areas.

  • Britain gained control over Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Malawi.
Which European Country ruled most of South Africa's land in the 1800's

Independence of equal rights.

  • French rule in Madagascar ended in 1960, caused it to be the first Independent country.

The End of Portuguese Rule

  • While European colonies gave up Portuguese refused to.

The Birth Of Zimbabwe

  • A Rebel leader in Zimbabwe named Robert Mugabe was elected president.

Equal Rights in South Africa

  • After independence Africa greatly relied on Black African Labor.
  • Apartheid is a Law created by the government.
  • But a group called the ANC quickly came in and started to win a lot of elections involving a lot of things.

Lesson 3- The People of The Region.

  • The population of South Africa is Black African.

Population patterns

  • Southern Africa's countries vary widely in population.
  • Population depends heavily on geography and economics.
  • South Africa and Angola are about the same size.

Ethnic and culture Groups

  • Africans are not a single people.
  • The Chewa are Malawi's largest ethnic groups
  • Some 4.5 million Tsonga people are spread among South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

Region and Languages.

  • Southern Africa's colonial past has also influenced its people's religious beliefs.
  • Portuguese remains the main language in Angola and Mozambique.
What is the main religion in South Africa

Life in Southern Africa

  • As in other regions of Africa, life differs from city to countryside.

Urban Life

  • South Africans holds 3 million people in some of just 4 cities.

Urban Growth and Change

  • The rapid growth of some cities has strained utilities services such as trash, sewage, treatment, and water distribution.
  • Every Black African group in South Africa is present.
  • At least 12 languages on the streets of South Africa.

Family and Traditional Life.

  • In the countryside traditions remain strong.
  • People who move to cities have to adapt to the new cultures.
Where in the country to most South Africans live.
Along the coast.

Southern Africa today.

  • The region of South Africa is facing serious economical and political changes.

Health issues

  • Life expectancy in South Africa is Low.


  • Malaria is a big health issue in South Africa.
  • A major cause in South Africa is HIV/AIDS.
  • About 1 of every 4 adults are affected with STD.

Progress and Growth.

  • Angola and Mozambique are continuing to grow larger.
  • Only Zimbabwe and Swaziland continue to suffer from economical decline.

Help from other countries.

  • USA has used economic aid strengthen to strengthen Southern Africa.
  • But Africa has been experiencing Economical changes.
Why is life expectancy in Africa so low?
Because of desieses and Health issues.


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